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Manhattan (also known as New York County) is the epicenter of New York City and the single-most visited tourist spot in the United States. The combination of resident, commercial and tourist traffic ensures that Manhattan frequently gives out the most traffic tickets of any county in New York State.

Traffic tickets issued in Manhattan are particularly difficult to fight. Unlike many other NYS counties (like Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island) Manhattan traffic tickets are heard by the Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB). The TVB, an arm of the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles, operates differently than other traffic courts. At the TVB there are no plea bargains—drivers are guilty or not guilty, period—and the burden of proof needed to convict drivers is very low. As such, the Manhattan TVB has an uncommonly high conviction rate; more than 91% of all texting and cell phone tickets result in a conviction, along with 87% of speeding tickets (attorney success rates are significantly higher, see below).

Despite this, drivers should refrain from just giving up and paying the ticket. Doing so can subject one to hidden fees and other risks. For example, two tickets for texting or talking on the cell phone (worth 5 points each) in 18 months can bring a driver within one point of a suspended license. It also means paying a DRA and taking a serious hit to one’s auto insurance (see below).

Beating a Manhattan traffic ticket is challenging but not impossible. The best bet is to hire a skilled New York City traffic ticket attorney to fight the underlying charges. At the Rosenblum Law Firm, our attorneys have spent many years fighting traffic tickets in the TVB offices in Manhattan and the rest of NYC. Our attorneys know how to pick out flaws in the charges and ensure that the officer’s testimony does not meet the burden of proof. This is the most effective way to get a ticket dismissed at the TVB.

Moreover, our extensive experience in the TVB Manhattan office means our attorneys are well acquainted with the judges. We have worked hard to cultivate a positive reputation among both judges and the officers (who act as prosecutors at the TVB). This means that when our attorneys challenge a ticket, it is taken seriously and our arguments are given the full consideration they are due. This in turn helps ensure the best possible outcome.  

The best part is that when drivers hire our law firm to represent them in their Manhattan traffic ticket case, it almost always saves them a trip to the courthouse. For most cases, an attorney can appear in place of the driver and present arguments on his/her behalf.

NYC Traffic Ticket Costs

Manhattan traffic tickets costs vary depending on the violation. The most common tickets and their respective fines and points include:

Violation Fine Points
Speeding $45 to $600 3 to 11
Cell phone and texting $50 to $200 5
Seat belt violation up to $100 0 or 3
Red light violations up to $450 2 or 3
Tailgating up to $150 4

In addition to paying the fines, anyone convicted of a traffic violation in Manhattan must also pay a mandatory state surcharge of $88. Drivers must also pay a Driver Responsibility Assessment (DRA) fee when they accrue six or more points on their license. A DRA costs $300 plus $75 for each point over six. The DRA for the two cell phone tickets mentioned above would be $600 ($300 for the first six points and $300 for the additional four points). Most moving violations in Manhattan are also likely to increase auto insurance premiums by hundreds of dollars for each year the violation is on one’s driving record.

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Whether you live in NYC or were just visiting, if you received a NYC traffic ticket or a traffic ticket in any other location in New York or New Jersey you should call the Rosenblum Law Firm right away for a free consultation.

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