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Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Queens, NY

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September 16, 2021
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A traffic ticket issued in Queens must be answered at the Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB). The TVB is one of the toughest traffic courts in New York State. Unlike many other courts, the TVB does not allow tickets to be reduced, negotiated or “pleaded down.” A driver who is looking to challenge their ticket must request a trial which is a win/lose situation. Statistically, 94.6% of all speeding tickets and 92.5% of all cell phone tickets issued in Queens in 2017 resulted in a conviction (cases in which an attorney conducts the trial are known to have lower conviction rates though specific data on that is not published by the State of New York).

One contributing factor to the high conviction rate is that many drivers make the mistake of trying to fight their traffic ticket on their own. Here are some common mistakes drivers make when they attempt to handle a Queens traffic ticket on their own:

  • Trying to outsmart a judge. The administrative law judges at the TVB have many years of experience listening to testimony from drivers regarding traffic infractions. They are highly skilled at dissecting arguments to determine the truth. A driver attempting, to be honest, can accidentally say something that incriminates them in their case. The average person simply cannot out-talk a judge.
  • Attempting to outmaneuver the police officer. The same thing goes for the police officer who at the TVB takes on the role of the prosecutor. Unless the officer is an inexperienced rookie, he/she will know what to say to a judge that will influence him/her to rule in their favor.
  • Assuming the officer won’t show up. It’s a common myth that if an officer fails to show at a traffic ticket hearing, the case will be dismissed. Officers rarely miss a court date and when they do, the hearing is almost always adjourned for a later date.
  • Hoping the judge will be lenient. Some people challenge their ticket hoping that if they admit to the infraction but offer a valid explanation, they may get a break from a sympathetic judge. These situations are rare. When it comes to traffic tickets, in the eyes of the law a person who is speeding because they are impatient is equally as guilty as someone who is speeding because their house is on fire. Since there is no negotiating room, admitting to having committed an infraction, explanation or not, means being found guilty and suffering the fines and points.

Any driver hoping to beat a ticket in Queens will need help from a skilled NYC traffic ticket attorney. The trial attorneys of the Rosenblum Law have extensive experience fighting traffic tickets in the TVB offices in Queens and the rest of NYC. They understand how to analyze the testimony of both the client (if applicable) and the accusing officer to find flaws in the charges. NYPD officers must meet a minimum burden of proof and our attorneys have developed a talent for demonstrating if and when that minimum has not been met, which is the best way to get a ticket dismissed.

Moreover, experienced TVB attorneys are well acquainted with the TVB judges and have a good reputation for being honest, reliable and reasonable. This ensures that when the attorneys challenge a ticket, is done on the merits which in turn increases the odds of a favorable ruling.

In addition, when drivers hire Rosenblum Law’s highly reviewed attorneys, it almost always saves them a trip to the courthouse. For most Queens traffic ticket cases, and an attorney can appear in the place of the driver and present arguments on his or her behalf.

Queens Traffic Ticket Costs

The fine for a traffic ticket in Queens depends on the violation. The most common tickets and their respective fines and points include:

Speeding $45 to $600 3 to 11
Cell phone and texting $50 to $200 5
Seat belt violation up to $100 0 - 3
Red light violations up to $450 2 - 3
Tailgating up to $150 4

On top of the fines, agreeing to pay (or getting convicted in court) means also shelling out for a mandatory state surcharge of $88. That’s not all: If a traffic ticket puts the total number of points on one’s license at six or more—which can easily happen with a speeding ticket—the driver will be expected to pay a Driver Responsibility Assessment (DRA) fee to the NYS DMV. A DRA will set a driver back $300 plus $75 for each point over six. That’s in addition to the fine! Last but not least, a traffic ticket can result in a large increase in auto insurance premiums, which affects a driver for at least three years.

Queens: County or Borough?

Queens is both a NYS county and a borough of NYC. Like all the other boroughs of New York City Queens and the other four boroughs do not have a county seat or county-level government. While there is a borough president and local community board, legislative and executive government acts are performed via the NYC government.

traffic tickets graphic guilty if you fail to show up

Traffic Tickets Data from Queens, NY

With more than 20 million vehicle miles traveled in 2017, Queens handles the most vehicle traffic by volume of NYC’s five boroughs and the fifth-most in the state. In 2017, NYPD and other law enforcement agencies wrote 260,298 traffic tickets to drivers in Queens. This is 5% more traffic tickets than in 2016. Overall, traffic tickets have fallen nearly 26% in Queens. However, tickets for certain key violations were up. For example, speeding tickets comprised nearly 16% (40,689) of all tickets written in Queens in 2017, the highest proportion in the past nine years. Likewise, texting while driving spiked to a high of more than 19,000, making up nearly 7.5% of all tickets last year.

Traffic Tickets in Queens, NY
2009 350,947
2010 327,085
2011 284,659
2012 262,858
2013 269,078
2014 277,323
2015 246,570
2016 247,891
2017 260,298

Where is the Traffic Violations Bureau Office in Queens?

TVB Queens North

30-56 Whitestone Expy

2nd Floor

Flushing, NY 11354

TVB Queens South

168-35 Rockaway Blvd

2nd Floor

Jamaica, NY 11434

Contact the Rosenblum Law to assist you with your traffic ticket matter in Queens. We can offer you a free consultation about your case and have our attorney’s fight on your behalf. Email us or call 888-883-5529 for a free consultation about your case.

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