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Violating a Court Judgment

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July 20, 2021
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Let’s face it, there are plenty of things in life that we do not want or like doing. However, when a judge issues a court judgment or order to do one of these things, we must take it very seriously. If we fail to do so, we will likely face far-reaching consequences that spill over into completely unrelated areas of our lives.

For instance, if a judge issues a judgment or order compelling you to pay child support, and, for whatever reason, you fail to do so, your New York driver’s license can be suspended.

You might ask, “How does something like child support have anything to do with my New York driver’s license?” Whether it does or not, it is crucial for you to understand that if you violate a court judgment, your New York license can and likely will be suspended. This also applies to a failure to comply with a custody order in the divorce setting.

However, this law relates to traffic accidents and violations too. If you caused a car accident and were obligated to pay money damages and failed to do so, your license can be suspended due to failing to pay the judgment. Usually, your New York driver’s license will remain suspended until you pay that outstanding court judgment. During this time, you will not be allowed to drive at all.

Similarly, if you do not respond to a traffic ticket, your license may also be suspended. As always, if you ever get a ticket, make sure to respond promptly. The traffic ticket will not go away simply by ignoring it. Likewise, an outstanding court judgment will not disappear simply because time went by and you have not paid it. In both situations, adverse consequences will occur if you do nothing, and how you handle the situation will depend on whether your New York driver’s license will be taken away.

Remember, we all like to think that driving is a right. In reality, however, it is a privilege that can be revoked if we are not following the rules of the road or acting appropriately. You use your driver’s license to get you where you need to go and rely on it in so many ways. Make sure you do not lose it by violating a court judgment.

These matters can get complicated, and you may not even know that there was a court order out there that you violated. Many times, New York drivers are completely unaware that they are driving on a suspended license, which carries with it even further penalties and fines.

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If you ever find yourself face-to-face with a letter indicating that your license has been suspended due to your failure to comply with an outstanding court judgment and have no idea what judgment the letter is referring to, contact Rosenblum Law call 888-883-5529. In a sticky situation, Adam H. Rosenblum and his team of professional attorneys will be able to help you while zealously fighting to protect your legal rights.

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