Rosenblum Law will issue a full refund of your attorney’s fee if we are unable to obtain any reduction of the total number of NY points you were initially facing.

This guarantee does not apply in the following:

  1. Tickets handled in the Traffic Violations Bureau (NYC)
  2. Cases scheduled for trial
  3. Cases in which plea negotiations have occurred prior to the hiring of our firm
  4. Where the officer issued a ticket for a lesser offense than the motorist was initially pulled over for (i.e. a “roadside reduction”).
  5. Tickets handled in specific courts (as discussed during the initial consult).
  6. Tickets for the following offenses:
    1. Disobey traffic control device (VTL 1110-a)
    2. Move over law (VTL 1144)
    3. School bus (VTL 1174)
    4. Any criminal offense


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