Western New York Heavy in Traffic Tickets and Speed Traps

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Ever wonder why Western New York seems to be issuing more traffic tickets than most other parts of the state?

You probably thought it was a coincidence or that you happen to drive there more often than in other parts. However, the truth is more speed traps are being set up in Western New York than in any other areas of New York State.

According to the officers, they do not view them as speed traps per se. Instead, according to New York State Trooper Mike Niezgoda, “I look at it as we’re doing our job.”


I-290 in Western New York has been a major target of speeding ticket enforcement. (Photo Source: Wikipedia)

31-year veteran Trooper Victor Morales concurred: “The term speed trap makes it look like we’re hiding behind a bush and that’s not it… We’re out there in plain sight. You get people who still use their cell phone, still speed; they will still do things that they shouldn’t be doing right there in front of us.”

Nevertheless, state ticketing statistics reveal that certain parts of New York State’s roadways really do account for the overwhelming majority of NY traffic tickets issued.

Based on last year’s traffic ticket data, on the stretch of 290 in Tonawanda nearly 4,000 speeding tickets were issued.

Similarly, one local stretch of highway, the I-90 in Cheektowaga, issued more than 5,800 traffic tickets.

When officers were asked why so many tickets are being doled out in Erie County, Trooper Morales explained, “You have to remember this is the second largest metropolitan area in New York State… There’s actually more traffic in that section than the Tappan Zee Bridge in New York City.”

Records indicate that the I-90 in Cheektowaga has the most vehicles. Nearly 130,000 people travel that seven mile stretch of freeway every day.

Thanks to new technology, getting a read on speed has gotten even easier for police due to laser light that quickly and effortlessly tracks a driver’s speed.

Trooper Morales revealed just how easy it is to determine a cars speed with a laser: “There’s a little red dot right inside the laser. You put that red dot right on the car and it tells you the exact speed the car is going.”

Ultimately, with speed traps popping up throughout Western New York, a more robust police presence, and this new technology making it a cinch to catch motorists, there is no wonder why so many people are being issued New York traffic tickets these days.

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