Israeli App Could Help Drivers Avoid Traffic Tickets

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A student at Hebrew University in Israel recently developed a mobile phone application that might help you avoid getting a New York traffic ticket.

The student, who is studying computer science and engineering, devised an app that has the capability of anticipating existing road signs and traffic signals before you actually approach them.

Although still in experimental stages, if this app proves successful, it will be able to tell you the speed limit of the road you are traveling on before you even approach the speed limit sign.

Such a tool will allow motorists to avoid unintentionally exceeding the speed limit not only in Israel, but also right here in America.

The app developer got the idea from his ever-growing frustration with the global positioning system (GPS) he was using.

He noticed that his GPS was providing erroneous readings on several occasions and simply did not give him all of the information he wanted.

For example, recently constructed roads were not being recognized and the device did not report information about upcoming traffic signs or signals.

As such, he took it upon himself to create an app that could provide the features he wanted as well as up to the minute, accurate information about where he was on the road.

The app is expected to work internationally. However, the platform that it will be released on (i.e. Android, iPhone, etc.) is not yet known.

This news comes off of the heels of several other individuals devising apps to help beat speeding tickets and similar attempts to level the proverbial playing field between police and drivers.

While these apps may turn out to be helpful, many are cautioning motorists everywhere not to rely on them exclusively.

Remember, there is no substitute for safe and careful driving.

If you or a loved one recently received a traffic ticket in NY, contact an experienced traffic ticket attorney today.

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