Troopers Release Traffic Tickets List and Publish Names of Those Ticketed

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Recently, the State Police of Troop B, Zone 2 have been compiling lists of the NY traffic tickets that you and I receive in St. Lawrence County.

Not only that, but they have also been offering these daily lists to the local media.

Captain Michael Girard, the Commander of Zone 2, explained, “We want people to know if we see you, you’re going to get a ticket. We want to emphasize the aggressive law enforcement, and that driver inattention can kill.”

To this end, motorists have been getting the opportunity to see that NY troopers are enforcing the laws against things like texting and talking on a cell phone while driving.

Nevertheless, according to Mr. Girard, the making of these lists is likely to end relatively soon.

The trooper who has been compiling them had been on light duty after surgery. However, he is now ready to get back on the road and no one else has the time (as of now) to continue the project.

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