Traffic Tickets Can Lead to Bad Credit

Traffic Tickets Can Lead to a Bad Credit Score

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Traffic Tickets Can Lead to Bad Credit

Traffic Tickets Can Lead to Bad Credit

Chuck Todd, a news reporter for MSNBC, just found out the hard way that not paying a traffic ticket can harm your credit report.

He received a traffic ticket for running a red light. After he tweeted about how ridiculous it was that his credit was hurt, one person tweeted back, “Why didn’t you pay it? Doesn’t seem ridiculous. U run a red light, U should get a ticket & be thankful u didn’t cause an accident.” Others, however, were more sympathetic and tweeted about the pitfalls of red light cameras.

Whether you think it is right or wrong for unpaid tickets to affect your credit score, they can. Back in 2011, the Washington Post reported that an unpaid ticket could cause a loss of 50 points on a 680 credit score or a loss of 105-125 points on a 780 score.

It is crucial to know that insurance companies are in the business of assessing risk, and getting and especially ignoring traffic tickets is seen as reckless and irresponsible. Since many insurance companies also base their premiums in part on credit scores, ignoring a traffic ticket could cause your insurance to skyrocket while your credit score plummets.

Think about it; failing to handle your traffic ticket matter could lead to:

  • Driver’s License Consequences (Points, Suspensions, Revocations, etc.)
  • Credit Damage (Being Perceived as Reckless and Unsafe)
  • Car Insurance Increases
  • Credit Score Damage (Decreased Credit Score)

Remember, if your credit score is lowered, you will be forced to pay higher interest rates and fees.

Do not find this out the hard way like MSNBC’s Chuck Todd. Do not ignore your NY traffic tickets; they will not go away. Hire an experienced New York traffic ticket attorney to handle your traffic ticket matter. Call Rosenblum Law today at 888-815-3649.

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