Top 10 Things You Must Know Before Going to Traffic Court

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May 8, 2012

Many drivers get traffic tickets, but most of them have no idea what to do in order to prepare for their traffic court appearance or what to do when they show up. To make matters worse, there are tons of people willing to give unsolicited “advice” that is mostly based on half-truths and only serves to hurt most peoples’ cases.

To help clear up some of the misinformation circulating around the internet, and to provide you with a lawyer’s perspective on the issue, we put together a list of the top 10 things you need to know before you go to traffic court.

1. Dress Appropriately

You wouldn’t go on a date in your gym clothes, so don’t show up to court in them either. Many drivers fail to understand just how important it is to dress nicely to court. They think that dressing up is the job of the lawyer, so they can get away with wearing a t-shirt and jeans. This couldn't be further from the truth.

Whether we like it or not, our clothing makes an impression on prosecutors and judges. It can subtly say, “I took the time to put on a tie because this matters to me.” On the contrary, it can scream out, “Let’s get this over with already! I am too busy to take this seriously!” We have found that a well-dressed driver will be taken more seriously when presenting his case, whether before a prosecutor in order to try to get a favorable plea bargain (if applicable) or to a judge if pleading not guilty.

Although a suit is certainly not necessary, business casual attire is recommended.

2. Be Respectful

It is extremely important to be cordial and respectful to everyone you encounter in the courthouse. This applies to everyone you meet, not just the judge and prosecutor. Whether you are checking in with a receptionist or speaking with the security officer by the metal detector, make sure to talk only with the utmost respect. Besides the fact that this is simply good manners, it actually could impact the outcome of your case.

Remember, municipal courthouses are not that large. Only a few staff members, prosecutors, judges, security officers, and receptionists work there. As a result, they generally will all interact with one another on a regular basis and share stories about their day.

This means that there is a high likelihood that anything disrespectful that you say or do will bounce around the courthouse without you even knowing it. It might even make its way to the judge.The last thing you want is to make a bad first impression before you even approach the counsel table. Therefore, err on the side of caution and be respectful to everyone. It also goes without saying that you should never be gruff, argumentative, or nasty to a prosecutor or judge since you may be asking them for a courtesy at some point.

3. Be Prepared

To put it bluntly, being unprepared will kill your chances of getting a favorable plea bargain and winning your case.

If you are in NYC, your case will likely go to trial since there is no way to negotiate. You or your attorney will have to be prepared to question or “cross examine” an experienced police officer and make legal arguments about sufficiency of proof (for example) to the judge. You should bring any evidence you have (a dashcam video, for example) that you think will support your case. An experienced lawyer can help evaluate that evidence in advance.

If you are outside NYC, either you, or your attorney (if you have one) will meet with the prosecutor to discuss a potential settlement or “plea bargain.” A prosecutor will give you literally three minutes of his time. They have a knack for picking out those who are lying, making excuses, and just plain unprepared. However, they also have a keen ability to pick out those who know what they are talking about, can concisely articulate a cogent point, and brought their “A” game. Usually, instead of dealing with the latter group of people at trial, the prosecutor will cut them a deal. Make sure you are in this category.

In the event you or your lawyer do not get a favorable plea bargain offer, you must be ready to take your case to a hearing (or “trial”) in front of a judge. No matter how much you think “Law and Order” has prepared you for this moment, real life is nothing like what happens on television. Trials move along rapidly and in all likelihood you may feel it’s over before it even starts. As above, here’s where an experienced trial lawyer can make a big difference.

4. Show Up Early

The biggest complaint that we hear from drivers is that they had to wait in an extremely long line. Some say they waited all day and missed work.

However, one of the best kept secrets is that coming early can help secure an early spot in line and in the court proceedings. Most (but not all) courts hear cases in the order people check in. Additionally, attorney cases usually get called first - so here’s another advantage to hiring an attorney. He may be able to get you out of court hours earlier that you would otherwise, and in most NY courts you can avoid coming to court altogether by sending in your lawyer as your legal representative (rules vary state to state).

5. Be Honest

If you try to pull a fast one in traffic court, you will not get very far. Prosecutors and Judges are trained to see through liars and will ask questions that even the best hustler couldn’t answer. Thus, it is always best to be honest, truthful, and straightforward. Sometimes what we think is detrimental actually turns out to be harmless. That doesn’t mean you have to take the stand and admit guilt, but if you do choose to testify you will be questioned by the prosecutor, police officer and/or judge.

6. Expect the Unexpected

Sometimes your traffic court date will inexplicably be changed, the room that you are supposed to show up doesn’t seem to exist, or you are first in line and then five attorneys cut you. No matter what happens, keep cool and try to expect the unexpected. Doing anything else will cause you unnecessary stress that will not allow you to focus on the task at hand: getting a good result on your traffic ticket case. If you have an attorney just remember that the unexpected probably won’t come as a surprise to him and he will help you navigate any unanticipated situations.

7. Listen to Other Cases

Time to listen up. Hearing other cases that come before yours will allow you to do a number of things to help improve your chance of success. First, it allows you to get a feel for the judge’s personality. Is he more sympathetic to certain arguments? Is he relaxed, reserved, etc.? Knowing this ahead of time will be able to save you the hassle of finding out when it’s too late. Second, it allows you to see what the process is like, which is invaluable for decreasing your nervousness.

8. Turn Off Your Cell Phone

Although this should be a no-brainer, you might be surprised. In this high-paced, digitally connected world, certain people might as well glue their phones to their ears! Make sure not to be one of these individuals. Not only is it rude to the other people around you in the courthouse, but they are also prohibited in the courtroom. Unplug. It will do you and others a world of good.

9. Call the Judge “Your Honor”

Although it might not seem like it, this is a formal proceeding where a judge, who deserves our respect, is presiding over your case. Do not say “Mr.” or “Mrs.” Make sure to say “Your Honor.” Not only is this more respectful, but it also makes you sound more eloquent.

10. Hire a Lawyer

We can’t stress this enough: don’t try to be a hero. The old saying goes, “the person that represents himself in court has a fool for a client.” Though they may seem simple, traffic court cases can get very complicated, and unanticipated things can occur, and it is best to hire a well-trained traffic ticket attorney who can help you every step of the way.

The price of hiring an experienced traffic ticket attorney is well worth the peace of mind that comes with having someone with significant experience navigate the often choppy waters of traffic court.

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Adam H. Rosenblum

Founding Attorney Of Rosenblum Law

Adam H. Rosenblum is an experienced and skilled traffic violations and criminal defense attorney. Mr. Rosenblum provides expert and aggressive representation to those facing points on their drivers’ licenses and the associated fines and surcharges.

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    1. You are facing an 8 point ticket, that has fines of $600, fees of $93, and assessment penalties of $450. Furthermore, your insurance rates will likely increase significantly due to this violation. There, I strongly suggest that you contest this ticket to avoid and/or mitigate these consequences.

  1. Hi so I was turning left and me and this other person collided, damages were not very bad on my vehicle not sure about his, I didnt have my wallet on me so i panicked and fled the scene. I got 2 citations for failing to yield left and fleeing the scene of an accident. Im 17, in florida, never been arrested and before this accident never had any citations. I have traffic court i believe on the 16th. Any information you can give me on what to expect or anything? Im a mess i can barely sleep over this. What are the chances i could just pay a fine rather then anything major? Thanks for your time

    1. In order to provide further information, we need additional details. Most importantly, I need the name of the court that has jurisdiction over your case.

  2. Hi never went to court before so I don't know how this works but I got a speeding ticket and my hearing date is coming up. Do I just go in and wait on time that they gave me? What do I have to take and expect? I'm going in because of speeding ticket, and reason why I'm going is because of my insurance might increase. What do I have to do?

    1. H.G. - please advise us of the location of this incident. Each court system handles tickets differently, and as such, the procedure would be different among jurisdictions.

  3. I was wrongfully convicted of criminally speeding at 100 in a 75 in Arizona and I am 17. The officer said he had been following me for 15 minutes going 103 (meaning he waited 25 miles to stop me for some reason) . There is no evidence besides his word that I was going 100. I cannot afford a lawyer but feel confident that I have a good grip on speaking confidently, quickly, and with maturity. I'm planning on cross examining and getting the officer or whoever I question to say how many miles he was pacing me because that would determine if the pacing was right (18-21 miles would mean I wasn't speeding or just a civil speeding ticket). I don't know what much more a lawyer could offer me that would be worth it. I want to be an EMT and really don't want this to affect my future. Any advice?

  4. I received a ticket for cellphone use and failure to maintain lane in Lincoln Park New Jersey. It's me first for getting either and my first ticket in over 7 years. What can I expect to happen? I was honest and respectful to the officer that pulled me over if that helps

    1. While NJ does not assess points for the first two cell phone violations, we generally advise drivers to contest these tickets to protect their record and assure their insurance rates are not impacted. This is particularly true as you are facing multiple violations.

  5. Hello,
    I received a ticket for an improper right turn after I followed the car in front of me taking a right on red at an intersection with a light up right on red sign that is nearly never lit up (this time, naturally it was). As luck would have it an unmarked cop car happened to be in the intersection and pulled myself and the car in front of me over. Just curious was the fines and points would be and if it would be worth going to court to see if I could plea it down. This is in Albany County New York. Thanks for any info you can provide.


    1. Courtney - this court does allow for plea bargaining. I would advise you to only accept an offer if you are certain of its ramifications.

  6. I’m 17 and I have only had my license for 12 weeks or so and two weeks back I was making a left hand turn onto a one lane road in a four way intersection and mid-turn a car on the opposite side of the road appeared and tried to turn into the same lane that I was turning into. I stopped and he managed to squeeze by but he had a little dent at the bottom of his door while he took off my entire front bumper. (Neither of our airbags went off) The man kept driving but then stopped after a bit and I got out of my car to go ask him if he was okay, etc. When I went over he had his phone out and was recording me and I apologized to him and told him that the passenger was calling the police and that I would do the same but he kept yelling at me which was frazzling. He ended up leaving in an ambulance for a broken pinky finger and had his car towed. I was never ticketed though so I’m not sure what to expect. But I know that its just supposed to be my father and I in the room with the judge. I was wondering what the possible outcomes may be and how I should prepare for the trial.

  7. Hi so i have a question. I was given a ticket in ny long island for speeding on the highway. Speed limit was 55 and i was going 88mph. Also there were smaller tickets with it. Like inproper lane change and moved from lane unsafely, improper passing and following to closely. Now my reason was this. I was rushing to get my girlfriend and son back to a shelter in queens coming from riverhead. We were runing late. She had a curfew she had to be back by. Other wise we run the risk of them kicking her out on the street with my son who is 9 months old. I told the officer i have to get them back to the shelter on time or the shelter may kick them out . He didnt believe me and i feel like stalled us on purpose and took forever to come back to the car. Qe made it to the shelter at 930. 30 minutes after the time. We have not yet heard any qord on punishment from the shelter becaus eof that but we are scared something may come of it. But what can i do in the courts with this story ?

    1. Kelvin - unfortunately, speeding is a strict liability offense. Thus, as sympathetic as the reason may be, there is effectively no legal defense to speeding. What must be done in court, therefore, is to illustrate that the officer was not able to meet the appropriate burden of proof - clear and convincing evidence - when testifying in the trial.

  8. Hello. I was traveling west bound in a left straight lane heading towards McDonald’s in Springboro, OH. I signaled my left turn signal and started shifting lanes into the center lane to make my left turn and I saw a lady start pulling left out of McDonald’s looking to her right into oncoming traffic. I slowed down to complete my left turn (having 3/4 of my car in the center lane) and she crashed into my back left bumper. The police sited me and gave me a ticket for driving within lanes. My court date is tomorrow morning and I’m not sure how this works or if it’s worth my time to fight it. She (the lady that hit me) claimed I was on my phone (I was making a phone call through my car stereo but I wasn’t looking at it or holding it) and she also claimed she was in the center lane and I was in the left straight lane and cut her off to make a left, that I hit her which isn’t true. I’m not sure what to do. My ticket is $220. Thank you.

    1. Emilee - as we are not licensed to practice law in Ohio - we would recommend contacting an attorney in that State.

  9. Hello, I was pulled over for speeding in Vineland, NJ (even though my court appearance is in Mays Lansing). The officer let me off with a warning, but I didn’t have my current insurance card on me, hence why I was given a court date. Should I bring along any additional evidence other than the valid insurance card and the citation I was given?

    1. Hi, I'm 18 and I got two speeding tickets within 2 weeks in Georgia. I believe that both tickets were super speeders. I do not have time to hire a lawyer. I wanted to go to court, not to fight the ticket, but to ask for leniency. Will the court give me an option to pay off the tickets and take a class to take the points off my license? And will I be able to take care of both of my tickets in one court date?

      1. Hello Vivian and thank you for your question. Unfortunately since the two speeding tickets happened in the state of Georgia, you need to find law firm that is licensed to practice in GA.

    2. Hello Val,
      Thank you for your question. To answer your question, additional documents should not be necessary unless otherwise instructed by the court.

  10. I was pulled over by NY state police for "move Over law". I normally move over just because, but couldn't because it wasn't safe to do so. The officer left the person he was given a ticket to and came after me with lights on, asked me for my license only. told me why he pulled me over came back with the ticket. I plead not guilty and have a court date of 03/04/2019. Any advise for me

  11. I was pulled over for going 87 in a 40 I have traffic court this will be my second speeding ticket is there a possibility of doing traffic school in getting the ticket dismissed I live in Alabama.

    1. Hello Jamara, and thank you for your question. In order to provide you with information, we need proper court name.

  12. I was recently pulled over for going 74 in a 55mph speed zone. I've never had a speeding ticket before and haven't had a ticket issued to me in about a year (previous ticket was for a loud muffler). I'm currently in NYS and was wondering how many points this would be on my license and if I could have any advice when it comes to the court date. Should I bring anything? Should I type out my plea bargaining? I'm curious if I'll be able to get it reduced to something that won't affect adding points...

    1. Hello Amanda,
      I suggest contacting us to discuss further. As you were allegedly travelling 19 miles over the speed limit, you face a 4 point penalty as well as a maximum fine of $243 which will negatively impact your insurance.

  13. Hello! I was pulled over today for failure to completely stop at a flashing red signal. I have 10 days to appear in court, and the fine is $130. I live in Fraser, Michigan and was pulled over in Macomb, Michigan. This civil infraction turns into 3 points on my license; can I get them waved in court? If so, how should I be ready? I know that I was in the wrong, but the cop told me to fight to get it for something like a parking violation instead!

    1. Hello KB, and thank you for your question.
      Unfortunately, we do not have a license to practice in Michigan as we only have one to do so in New York and New Jersey. Therefore, I recommend to reach out to legal representation in Michigan to see what they suggest the best course of action would be.

  14. I was pulled over for going 70 in a 45 and it is my very first ticket ever and I don't know ho to handle this, im 18 and my first real bad encounter with the law. I live in Scottsdale AZ and was wondering if you had any advice for me of what I need to bring.

    1. Hello Bryan, and thank you for your inquiry. In order to assist you further, please advise us of the name of the court that is handling your case.

  15. So I have a ticket for a 88 in a 65 and have to go to court but don’t have the money to pay the fine or court costs what do I do

    1. Whether the court will allow for some sort of payment plan for the fines and penalties depends on the jurisdiction. We would advise you to contest this though, as aside from the court fees, there is also a $300 assessment fee as well as a significant impact on your insurance rates.

  16. I got pulled over for having expired registration. I’m 18 and I just got my license I live in NY, and it was my moms fault. I’m not in charge of the insurance or registration I don’t know how all that works. But she said there was miscommunication with the DMV and her insurance agent. It’s all fixed now. But I had no idea about this in the first place so I’m innocent. I explained all this to the officer the day it happened. But I’m nervous, my court date is in a day and I know I’m not guilty because I’m not in charge of that stuff, my mom is. Please help me feel more at ease with this or give me some advice for court please.

    1. Naomi - I would suggest attending the court hearing and explaining to the prosecutor what had occurred in the hopes that they will dismiss the ticket against you.

  17. I got pulled over because I cut through a parking lot to avoid traffic. I didn’t know it was illegal! They don’t tell you things like that in drivers ed and i just turned 18! Why can’t they just give me a fine rather than make me appear in court! Any advise?

    1. Noah - in order to provide additional assistance, please advise us of the name of the court and specific violation that you have been charged with.

  18. Would it be possible to bring the court paperwork on your court date? I got pulled over for making an improper left turn on a 2 way street but I live half an hour away from the courthouse and I haven't had time to mail or bring it down to the courtroom cause I work an 8 to 5 job everyday so I'm kinda stuck right now and I need some help.

    1. Sara - In order to provide further assistance, please advise us of the location of the incident in question.

  19. Hi, I received a citation on Interstate 87 in Albany county, NY for using an electronic device while driving. I was observed holding my phone by an unmarked state trooper. This is my first electronic device violation, but I do have 2 points currently from a plea deal for a minor infraction about 18 months ago. Do you think I can avoid getting the full charge and 5 points for this use of electronic device charge? The court is Coeymans. Thanks.

    1. Mike - pleading not guilty and appearing in court will allow you to potentially obtain a plea offer from the prosecutor. What offer is presented, however, will depend numerous factors. You will also have the option to set this matter for a trial should you deem the offer not favorable.

  20. I was pulled over for going 50 in a 30 in Milan, TN. This is my first ticket ever and I’m 19 year old college student so I am broke. What can I do to get the cost down or can I do anything to help my insurance not go up?

  21. I got a photo citation in mesa ARIZONA the date the hour and the speed all are wrong.can I yes argue the content of the citation in court?

      1. Hello and thank you for contacting Rosenblum Law. Please note, your alleged speeding violation carries a maximum 4 point penalty with a maximum fine of $393, depending on the Court. A conviction of this ticket will likely result in substantial insurance implications for the foreseeable future. Further, your junior license will be suspended for a period of time. We suggest contesting this matter with an attorney to mitigate the license and insurance implications.

  22. Hello.

    I appreciate any advice you can give. I was pulled over for 74 in a 55. The officer gave me 69 in a 55. This will be a small town court in upstate NY, so not sure if there is any bargaining time or any sort of DA to request a lesser charge. Should I plead not guilty?(don’t really have time to reappear). Plead guilty? We all know I am. Plead guilty with respectful request for leniency? Thanks again for your help.

    1. RB - Generally, courts in upstate New York will be willing to consider a plea bargain, this ticket may be treated differently as it appears you had received a 'roadside reduction' at the traffic stop. Thus, in order to further assist you, please provide us with the court name, and the state in which you are licensed to drive.

  23. I got a ticket doing 108 in a 55. I was very respectful, and pulled over as soon as I passed him and saw the lights. I didn’t see any other cars and floored it, somehow missing the only vehicle was a cop..

    1. Hello Adam, and thank you for your inquiry. In order to assist you further, please advise us of the name of the court that is handling your case.

  24. HI,

    I got a "Disobeying traffic sign" ticket, but other people who was driving in front of me and behind got it as well. Apperently some who passed by didn't get it, due to not enough officers on duty didb't get no ticket, but the officer saw them drove by. What should I do? I'm at ag 24. Not sure if that helps. Thank You!

    1. Hello and thank you for contacting us. Please note, your alleged violation carries a maximum 2 point penalty with a maximum fine of $85, depending on the exact violation code. We suggest contesting this ticket in an attempt to mitigate the likely substantially negative insurance increase and avoid the points on your license.

  25. Hi I’m 17 and I got charged with disobeying a traffic control device, I decided I’m going to go to court, my date is in 2 weeks and I am extremely nervous and I’m gonna try to get it moved to a non moving violation, this happened in great valley ny. Do you have any advice i could follow?

  26. I’m in upstate NY and was pulled over for speeding. The office kindly lowered it to something along the lines of disobeying traffic signal. I’m planning on showing up to the court on the given date but is it worth it to plead not guilt. I know I did wrong and admired it to the officer. Just trying to make the best decision.

  27. Hi , i just recently got pulled over for driving without a license in south jersey on 295 , im young just turned 20 got my first car and the first time i drove it late at night i got pulled . I recently got my permit and passed the written test and I’m currently scheduling to take my road test . So how do i go about going to court ? I never been to traffic court

  28. Hello there,

    I was pulled over for a ticket in suburban Texas, specifically precinct 4. I was given a citation for going 90 in a 65, however I cannot afford the time and costs of a case. Is there anything I should do for a favorable deal? Would I be able to qualify for defensive driving, asking for a probation period, or even a dismissal? Any advice is helpful.

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