Top 10 Albany NY Speeding Ticket Myths

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Myth #1: Showing cleavage will persuade the officer to not issue a ticket

In truth, this will not work (most of the time).

In the movies, it works.  Maybe it worked in another generation but not now.

Police officers in Albany and Schenectady are taught that when a lady shows some skin, you MUST write a ticket in order to avoid scandal.  With today’s technology and everybody filming everything, there may be someone running a camera over your shoulder to see if you wrote the ticket while she tried to expose herself to get out of the ticket.


Myth #2: A mistake on a ticket will cause a dismissal of the charges

In truth, clerical mistakes such as writing the name as “Mark” instead of “Marc” are inconsequential.  The judge and prosecutor will simply correct such misspellings in court.

However, substantive mistakes such as the incorrect fine or wrong section number of the charge may allow your lawyer to persuade the judge to dismiss the charge.  In addition, mistakes in the identity of the driver, direction of travel, or the street where the incident occurred may help the defense.


Myth #3: Adjourning the case in town courts in the Albany area increases your chances of dismissal

In truth, speeding ticket cases are scheduled according to the officer’s availability.  If the officer is not able to appear, the judge will often reschedule to a time when the officer is on duty.  You must assume the ticketing officer will appear.


Myth #4: Silence will help you win in Albany Traffic Court.

In truth, remaining silent is good when being arrested in a criminal matter; however, in traffic cases where a police officer is preparing to issue a  speeding ticket, silence is NOT recommended.

It is recommended that you use your best manners to speak respectfully to the police officer.  Rather than answering the police officer’s questions with long-winded stories, give concise, honest response.


Myth #5: If you are issued a ticket in another state or province, it does not affect you in New York

In truth, Ontario and Quebec have reciprocal agreement for demerit points or license suspensions.

In addition, almost all states are members of the Driver License Compact, which is an agreement between participating states that share information on traffic convictions.  In short, if you are ticketed for speeding in another state or your driving privileges are suspended in another state, reports of the violations and suspensions are sent to New York Department of Motor Vehicles.

New York and most states also participate in the National Driver Registry, a database of information about drivers who have had their license revoked or suspended.  This is to prevent a driver who has a license suspended in one state to travel to another and apply for a license there.


Myth #6: Claiming, “I was going with the flow of traffic” will get you off

In truth, such a defense is really an admission of guilt.  If the flow of traffic was speeding, then you have admitted that you were speeding.


Myth #7: More speeding tickets are issued to red cars

In truth, there are no official studies to confirm this myth.  However, there are reports that suggest that the type of people who drive red-colored autos are people who seek attention for themselves.  This need for attention translates into more reckless driving and more NY speeding tickets.


Myth #8: Radar detectors will protect me from being caught driving above the speed limit

In truth, radar detectors do not do more than beep and flash lights.  Radar detectors often warn you of a radar gun too late – you have already been caught.

Even worse, radar detectors give drivers a false sense of security and encourage drivers to drive faster and faster.  As a result, more Albany NY speeding tickets are issued.


Myth 9: You can represent yourself in court and save money

In truth, you will be better off hiring an experienced traffic lawyer.

If you plead guilty, you will be convicted and charged with the full fine and maximum points from DMV.  If you plead not guilty and go to court in Albany or any other jurisdiction, you will probably lose.  Moreover, you will probably have to pay the full fine and receive the maximum points.


An aggressive NY traffic attorney will likely be able to negotiate a plea bargain with the district attorney that results in a reduced charge, lower fines and fewer points.

Myth #10: A good excuse will get you out of the ticket

Most police officers are not interested in excuses.  Creatively developing a good excuse will be beneficial for a top ten list on some Internet blog post.


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