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State Police Cracking Down on Speeding in Thruway Work Zones

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New York State Police will be on the lookout this week for drivers who disobey traffic laws around construction sites. During “Operation Work Brake” troopers will be cracking down on drivers who speed and drive unsafely through work zones. The initiative runs from Monday, April 23 through Friday, April 27.

Authorities say road crews face dangers every day when drivers speed, are distracted, or are otherwise careless when traveling in a work zone. According to Thruway Authority statistics, there were over 200 accidents in highway work zones in 2017. During the 2016 five-day campaign in April 2016, Troop T issued more than 2,300 tickets, including more than 1,200 for speeding.

Law enforcement throughout the state handed out nearly 7,000 tickets for speeding in a work zone (VTL 1180-f) in 2016, the most recent year for which data was available. This is the lowest rate in nearly a decade and a 30 percent drop from 2015, when police issued more than 10,000 tickets statewide.

Year Number of Work Zone Tickets
2009 13,784
2010 12,420
2011 8,446
2012 9,366
2013 11,470
2014 9,007
2015 10,356
2016 6,986

Speeding in a work zone is more serious than traditional speeding tickets because of the added risk to the workers as well as dangerous conditions that can be present as a result of the work itself (e.g. uneven roads, narrower lanes, possible debris, etc.). As such, the minimum fines are doubled for this violation. Like with other speeding tickets, drivers will also receive between 3 and 11 points depending on how much they exceeded the posted limit (which is usually lower than the limit outside the work zone).

Anyone who pays or is convicted of two speeding in a work zone tickets received within 18 months of each other could have their license suspended. As the minimum point value for such tickets is three, two convictions will also mean having to pay a Driver Responsibility Assessment.

Drivers who have been issued a speeding ticket during Operation Work Brake or for any other reason should consult with an attorney to decide the best course of action. In addition to incurring fines and points, drivers who pay even a single speeding ticket can also see their auto insurance rates go through the roof.

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