New York City Launches Pedestrian Safety Plan

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February 20, 2015
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The NY Daily News recently reported on a new plan to be instituted by the New York City Department of Transportation. This program would help address an alarming statistic – half of pedestrian deaths and serious injuries occur on only 11% of the roadways.  As a primary purpose of Mayor de Blasio’s Vision Zero program is to prevent pedestrian deaths, focusing on these trouble spots is a logical and necessary step to take.

Pedestrian Accident
A new safety plan is targeting NYC intersections responsible for a large number of car versus pedestrian accidents.

Recently, this safety plan was instituted which targeted the 17 stretches of road where pedestrian deaths have become all too common. Additionally, 66 hazardous intersections in Manhattan will also receive the attention they deserve. These intersections account for another 15% of the deaths and injuries.

Throughout New York, the city plans to take different steps to combat these problem streets and intersections:

  • Re-time traffic lights to discourage speeding
    • Lights will no longer be timed in such a way that speeding will help drivers avoid the next red light.
  • Changing the walk signals to provide pedestrians with more time to cross without turning cars approaching them
    • Often times, pedestrians must contend with multiple lanes of cars, all attempting to turn, while crossing an intersection.
  • Add signs proclaiming the 25 mph speed limit at the trouble spots
    • This will remind drivers to obey the newly imposed speed restriction.
  • Adding new crosswalks and pedestrian islands
  • Installing lane dividers
  • Banning some turns
  • Increasing enforcement against truck operators who stray from designated truck routes, drive unauthorized oversized trucks, or fail to yield to pedestrians
  • Adding lights under elevated train lines – as many accidents occur due to the lack of visibility in those areas.

While many of these enactments are common sense – they are nonetheless necessary to further goal of Vision Zero – a complete elimination of pedestrian fatalities.

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