How To Act When You Get Stopped For Speeding in New York State.

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In cases where you’re stopped for speeding, it’s vital to cooperate with the police officer. Once you see the flashing lights in your rear view mirror, pull over quickly and safely, pulling over and move as far to the right of the road as you can. Then turn off your engine. When the officer approaches your car make sure your hands on the steering wheel in the view of the officer. It is not necessary to find your driver’s license and proof of insurance until the police officer ask you to get them. If you are wearing sunglasses you should also take them off. Additionally, If you’re stopped in the evening or at night, turn-on your interior light so the officer can see inside your car. When speaking to the officer make sure to be friendly, polite and cooperative, and avoid disagreeing with him/her.

New York Speeding Ticket

A New York Speeding Ticket

When you’re stopped for a New York traffic ticket violation, let the officer do the all the talking. Don’t point out anything that will can be recorded or used against you New York traffic court. For example, If the officer claims “you were going 85 mph” you should not reply back saying “no, I was only going 70 mph”. Officers are skilled in letting people incriminate themselves by letting a person admit to transgression or admit that they were careless or irresponsible.

If an police officer requests to search your car and you do not have anything to hide, you might save yourself time and effort by allowing the search to proceed. If you don’t desire the investigation, an individual should express clearly “I don’t give your consent to search my car.” Denying the officer the right to search does not imply that you are guilty, but rather it may mean that the police officer will have to seek a search warrant in order to search your car. It is important to note, if the officer had probable cause they can simply put you under arrest.

If you plead guilty to a New York speeding ticket, the New York Traffic court will automatically require you to pay the fine and points will be added to your driving record. If convicted of a speeding ticket your insurance rates can go up. If having a clean record is important to you,  you may want to call the Rosenblum Law who specializes in fighting New York traffic violations.

The three most common excuses for speeding are: claiming that you were racing due to an emergency; declaring that the officer misinterpreted your speed; or claiming that the officer mixed up your car for a similar one that was driving near your vehicle. You can attempt to challenge a speeding ticket on your own, or with the service of a lawyer who is experienced in New York traffic violations.

Traffic Violations Defense

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