NY Driver License Suspended 18 Times and Still Driving

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February 29, 2012
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A deputy of the Erie County Sheriff’s Office was on a routine patrol in the Town of Holland, New York.  He noticed a motorist with only one working headlight.  During the routine stop, the deputy issued tickets for illegally tinted windows and a broken headlight.

Upon further inspection of the automobile, police found cocaine.  A later license check revealed that the driver of the car, 48-year old Fred Keyes was driving while his license was suspended and revoked 18 different times.

It is illegal in New York to drive a car while knowing that your license is suspended or revoked. If your license is currently suspended or revoked, it is recommended that you call a NY traffic lawyer like Adam H. Rosenblum at 888-883-5529.

New York Vehicle and Traffic Law § 511 identifies the law prohibiting operating a vehicle with a suspended or revoked license as Aggravated Unlicensed Operation (AUO).  New York VTL 511(1)(a) says:

A person is guilty of the offense of aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle in the third degree when such person operates a motor vehicle upon a public highway while knowing or having reason to know that such person’s license or privilege of operating such motor vehicle in this state or privilege of obtaining a license to operate such motor vehicle issued by the commissioner is suspended, revoked or otherwise withdrawn by the commissioner.

New York VTL 511(1))(b) specifies the punishment for AUO in the third degree as a fine of up to $500 and imprisonment of up to 30 days.

Sergeant Dan Dytchkowskyj of the Erie County Sheriff’s Office claims that keeping a driver like Keyes off the road is not as easy as one would think.  He argues that people who drive with their suspended license rarely serve jail time because jails are overcrowded and costly.

Keyes is currently being held at the Erie County Holding Center as he waits to be arraigned in Holland Town Court.

Is your New York driver license suspended?  Rosenblum Law can help.  Our team of aggressive New York traffic attorneys can help you avoid license suspension or restore your driving privileges.  Email or call 888-883-5529 to talk to a lawyer.

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