New York City Set to Lower Speed Limits on November 7th

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October 23, 2014
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New York City is sending a clear message to motorists on its streets:  SLOW DOWN! Starting on November 7, vehicles traveling on most NYC streets will be restricted to a 25mph speed, a five-mile reduction from the current default limit of 30.  The new lower limit will apply on all city streets with no posted speed limit.  The new law will not, however, affect the higher speed limits permitted on city highways or the lower posted limits in school zones.

Speed Limit 25 - Vision Zero
As part of Mayor deBlasio’s ‘Vision Zero’ initiative, New York City default speed limits are being lowered to 25mph from 30. (Photo Source: NYDOT)

The City cites safety as the major factor underlying its decision to lower the limit, and traffic safety advocates are hailing the measure as the most substantial de Blasio Vision Zero initiative to date.  In support of the new law, NYPD Chief of Transportation Thomas Chan notes that speeding is a leading cause of traffic fatalities in NYC and that the difference of five miles per hour can be the difference between life and death.

While most New Yorkers seem to agree that speeding is a major concern on the city’s busy and pedestrian-filled streets, many daily drivers admit that they don’t know what the current speed limit actually is.  In an effort to increase the public’s awareness on the issue, NYC launched a driver safety campaign marking a 25-day countdown to the speed reduction.  Over the next couple of weeks the city will use social media platforms, roadway advertisements, and public service announcements to spread the word about the new law and to educate drivers on the importance of traffic safety.

In light of the city’s massive effort to spread awareness about this traffic safety initiative, the new law’s announcement has many wondering whether the change will result in increased speed limit enforcement.  According to Chan, a ticket blitz will not necessarily accompany the November 7th change.  Despite any reassurance that a discretionary enforcement policy may have to offer, the stats reveal that the NYPD has already issued 27,329 speeding tickets so far this year. This figure reflects a more than 90% increase as compared to the same period last year, and can be largely credited to the Vision Zero agenda.

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