HOV Tickets In New York

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May 13, 2013

In New York traffic laws are particularly rigorous and meant to deter any potential violators from attempting to break laws for any reason.   New York City’s very dense population makes any potential traffic situations many times more deadly than it would be in a state with a smaller population.  The large flow of traffic in New York is the reason why New York State highways employ the use of HOV lanes to help steady the flow of traffic.

What Are HOV Lanes And What Are The Rules For Using Them?

HOV lane in NY

HOV lanes or high occupancy lanes were created to allow cars with two or more passengers to safely pass in a separate lane on the highway.  The purpose of the HOV lane is to motivate more people to carpool thereby decreasing the amount of cars that are forced to be on the road.

By decreasing the amount of cars that are forced to be on the road, and by creating a separate lane the traffic flow is usually better and helps lessen the amount of pollution taking place by lowering the total gas emissions.  However if a vehicle with only one motorist inside the vehicle tries to use the HOV lane they will be issued a traffic violation ticket.

 What Are The Penalties For Using The HOV Lane In New York?

If someone has been unlawfully using an HOV lane the penalties can vary in degree and magnitude from minor fine to points on your license.  The fine for driving in an HOV lane without having another passenger in the vehicle is generally ticketed as a “Disobeyed Traffic Control Device” ticket under VTL 1110 (a), which is a $150 fine and a $93 surcharge plus 2 points added to their license.

Crossing in and out of the HOV lanes can lead to even more tickets and additional points and fines regardless of the fact that you may have had additional passengers in your vehicle.  These types of violations can cause a lot of harm to your driving record and result in a pretty heavy hit to your wallet.

The best way to prevent any future trouble with these traffic laws would be to avoid such behavior but if you find yourself in this kind of troublesome situation the best course of action would be to contact an attorney.  An experienced attorney can help you to decrease the severity of any penalties and help alleviate the stress of handling this situation.

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  1. I was driving on the left lane on Queens all of a sudden it became an HOV lane when I realized it I had to get out by crossing the double lines what should I do?

    1. Hello Miguel, the information you have provided is not sufficient for us to provide assistance. Did you receive a ticket? Was the ticket for driving in Hov lane during the hours you need passengers or did you receive a ticket for crossing a double line?

  2. Hi:

    I was driving in left lane at 11:00pm sat nite. I safetly pulled into HOV lane, but friendly officer gave me 2 summons. What can be done as it was not unsafe move - but I did cross into lane over line at non rush hour time?

    1. Hello Brad, your information is not enough for me to give you a full break down of penalties and fines. If you would like to provide us the full details of the tickets and would like to find out how we can assist with having your tickets lowered or dismissed, please contact our office. We could be reached for a free consultation at 888-883-5529.

  3. Hello, I was driving in the HOV lane by accident without realizing it. I was coming from an interview in Manhattan and ended up getting lost in the Bronx and driving in the HOV lane at rush hour 6pm. I pulled over and got a ticket for disobeying hov sign. I tried to explain to the cop I was lost with my gps and didn't realize I was in the hov lane, he didn't care and gave me a ticket anyway. I live in NJ. My question is, how much would this ticket be? And how many points will it be on my license? any way to fight this ticket without appearing in court?
    Please advise.
    Thank you

    1. The fine for driving in an HOV lane without having another passenger in the vehicle is generally ticketed as a “Disobeyed Traffic Control Device” ticket under VTL 1110 (a), which is a $150 fine and a $93 surcharge plus 2 points added to your license. NY will transfer two points for every moving violation to your New Jersey license. We would be happy to represent you at a trial to fight this ticket. Once you retain an attorney you would not have to appear. Please feel free to contact us at the number below so we can discuss your options in more detail.

      Rosenblum Law

  4. I from
    First of I believe the reason I was pulled over is the cops never saw my two boys in the back because they was slouch down watching DVD movie i did put my signal to enter the job lane he stated I cross over the buffer the question I want to know what is the dine and points and is it worth fighting or just pay the bill

    1. Jushean - Please clarify what exactly you were given a ticket for. There should be a 4 number code on the ticket that states what the current charges are against you.

  5. I had to go urgently in meeting so I was driving in HOV lane on 278 East and near by Verrazano bridge and police caught me and gave me 3 tickets in last April 18th. Tickets details are given below,
    1- Disobeyed Pavement Marking HOV
    2- Disobeyed HOV Signs
    3- Unsafe lane change,
    Please give ma an advise, How to avoid or dismiss those tickets.

    1. You are facing a total of 6 points for the pavement parking & unsafe lane change violations. Please provide a violation number so we may clarify what violation is being charged against you.

  6. I was driving on the job lane and I took exit just before it ends. But undercover police stopped me and said I was not. But that's not true. I have another passenger as witness. Then he gave me two ticket for disobeying job lane and lane changing. I am not guilty. What shall I do

    1. In order to provide you with further information, please provide both the jurisdiction of the court, and the specific violation codes you are being charged with. We will then be happy to answer any questions you may have.

  7. I was in the left lane on the LIE driving in traffic going like 10 to 20 miles an hour between exit 33 and 34 then suddenly the traffic stopped and it opened up. Then I realized the HOV lane was coming up but the car in front of me was trying to get out as well and two cars were coming in the next lane so we waited then merged in the next lane. We were about two car lengths in the HOV lane when we got out. The car that was in front of me left but a cop car pulled me over and said I was in the HOV lane. I said I was in the left lane that started the HOV lane but signaled and got out right away as soon as I could. Well he didn't want to hear anything I had to say and gave me 4 tickets, Then he said have a nice day and got in his car. I was so upset cause I didn't do anything wrong. But he didn't want to hear it. What should I do?? HELP!

    1. thank you for writing back to me..... well he gave me a ticket for "DROVE ACROSS HAZARD MARKINGOUT OF HOV LANE and LESS THAN TWO PEOPLE IN HOV LANE and

      1. Rosemary - In order to contest this ticket, you must set this case for trial whereby you will be able to cross examine the police officer. It is the job of the officer to prove their case by 'clear and convincing evidence.

  8. Hey RLF,

    I'm a student at the University of Stony Brook and I'v made the mistake of using the HOV lane around 9:15am. The reason i used the lane was because my car clocks showed me it was 10:15am (10am-3pm is for everyone). I quickly realized there was a bunch of traffic and was confused to why people weren't using the HOV lane. I then realized my clock must be wrong and after observing single drivers in traffic i switched back into the general lane filled with traffic. I later got stopped by an officer and charged with the following:

    1) -Disobeyed Traffic Device HOV Lane
    2) -Drove across Hazard Markings
    3) -Drivers View obstructed

    I understand the first 2. As for #3 the comments the officer left was because i had a scented pine tree hanging from my mirror. I think thats a little overboard. I have 3 weeks until my summons. What are my options? What are my chances of getting this lowed or dismissed?

  9. I accidentally got into the HOV lane today on 495 at exit 37. I realized I shouldn't be in there. I didn't want to cross the buffer so I entered the left lane over a "dotted" line which turns out was the entrance not the exit. The undercover car pulled me over. I told him exactly what I did. He gave me what looks like 2 tickets for driving in the HOV w/o a passenger during restricted hours and then changing from HOV to left lane where prohibited. He told me after I explained that mistakes happen and I should plead not guilty but then if I appear in court how can I plead not guilty? How much is this fine going to be and how many points? Today was the first time in over 35 years driving that I have been pulled over. I've never even had a parking ticket.

    1. Gayle - please clarify the following: a) What court are you required to appear before, and b) what are the violation codes of the tickets you were issued. There are a few possible tickets you may have been given at this stop.

  10. I received a VTL 1110(a) violation for crossing over the double solid white lane on the Verrazano Bridge (eastbound). I was traveling in the leftmost land, which was the HOV lane, with 4 passengers. Mid-span I saw a sign that said that the Belt Parkway lane was the next lane over. I continued to travel in the HOV lane in search of a break to cross over into Belt Parkway lane. As there was no break, I crossed over the solid white to get into the Belt Parkway lane and was pulled over. I believe that 1110(a) is not the correct VTL for this infraction. Thoughts?

    1. Roman - while there are a few different offenses that can be alleged for the events you have described, 1110(a) is a common ticket issued for HOV lane violations. As you were technically disobeying a device used to control traffic, courts would likely agree with the officers assessment of the charge against you. Whether they are able to meet their burden of proof in court, however, is uncertain.

  11. it was Friday and my passenger and I was late for an appointment, considering the traffic I use the Hov lane and was stopped by an officer right after the Huge L Carey Tunnel heading towards the Verrazano Bridge westbound. we were only two in the car as such I got hit with a ticket of 'Disobeyed Traffic Control Device - HOV Lane'. what are my next steps? and is there any way to avoid the points

    1. In order to contest this 2 point ticket, you must plead not guilty after which a trial date will be scheduled. As this is a trial only court system, there will be no opportunity to plea bargain your ticket.

    1. Hello Bob,
      In order to provide you with additional assistance, please advise us as to which court has jurisdiction over your case.

  12. i got a lane violation and change lane hazard ticket on 03/06/19 from village court clerk totaling $468.00. I entered the HOV lane in LI after another car had entered thinking it was correct to follow. I was pulled over by and given 2 tickets. Please help.

    1. Hello Pierre,
      We suggest contesting this violation as it will result in points, fines, and a likely increase to your insurance rates.

  13. I received a ticket for a 1110A violation for driving in the HOV lane with no passenger. I do have a hybrid vehicle and have registered it properly for the clean pass stickers. I received the stickers in the mail about 2 weeks ago, but because the weather has been so bad lately- I have not placed them on my car yet. At the time I was pulled over I had the clean pass sticker displayed in my window and the others in my glove box. I presented these to the officer but he was very firm that they were not on the outside of the car and he wrote me a ticket (ironically I wanted to put them on my car that morning but as I was going to do so it started to rain and I decided to wait until nicer weather- thinking that if I carried them with me an officer would understand- esp given all the rain and crummy weather lately)... needless to say- this officer did not care and wouldn’t just give me a warning even though I was extremely cooperative abd respectful (as hard as it was given him giving me a hard time about something so minor).... I was wondering if it is possible to fight this 1110a violation as I DO have the stickers they were just not displayed on all 4 points outside the car... any advice

    1. Raymond, thank you for your inquiry. You are well within your rights to fight this ticket. I recommend you give us a call so that we can further discuss what we would be able to do for you in this case.

  14. I entered the HOV lane in an exit only section. I did not realize that it was only for exiting and thought I could also enter at that time (it was outside of reg HOV hours for # of people, but I did have 5 people in the car). I live out of state and am unfamiliar with the rules around HOV lanes. I did not even realize what I did until I was pulled over and asked the officer. He proceeded to give me 3 tickets: 1128D - drove across hazard marking, 1128C - failed to use designated lane and 1110A - disobeyed traffic control device. I think 3 tickets for what was basically one infraction is a little overkill, especially as I explained it was an honest mistake - I did not cross a the double white divider, but rather entered in an exit section. Court location is 16 Cooper St. Hempstead. Is this sometime I will win if I fight it?

    1. Hello Carley and thank you for your inquiry. While we cannot guarantee any outcome for you in a court of law, we can tell you that you are well-within your rights to fight this ticket if you wish to do so.

  15. Hi,
    I received a ticket this morning for driving in the HOV lane. The traffic stopped up around in the Huntington area, and picked up I accidentally went into the HOV lane and got pulled over shortly after.
    I’m not from LI, so I’m not used to the traffic patterns. Is there any way I could contest this to avoid points on my license.

    1. Hello Marquis, and thank you for contacting us. You are well-within your rights to fight this ticket. Please confirm which court has jurisdiction over your ticket so we may advise further.

  16. I was driving on the LIE around exit 43 I almost rear-ended a car and to steer clear of having an accident w my kids in the car I swerved in to the HOV where there was double whites. I got scared and panicked knowing I crossed the lines and pulled right back out as soon as I saw an opening. I received two tickets for crossing the double whites. Can someone please help me?

    1. Tiyana - Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation. Before providing any specific advice, we would need to know a) what specific tickets you were issued, and b) which court has jurisdiction over your case.

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