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Below are informative videos about traffic tickets in New York State. If you have questions about your ticket or are looking to fight your ticket please call us. For a free consult call: 888-883-5529

Our reputation and skill are unmatched; hundreds of our clients have written positive reviews to testify to our good work. With our full team of lawyers, support staff and legal consultants on your side you can be assured that your traffic violation will be handled in the most skillful manner with an aim to produce the best possible outcome.

Rosenblum Law Attorney Adam Rosenblum details the dos and don’ts of fighting a traffic ticket in NY. Depending on your ticket, you can incur more than just points on license.

Rosenblum Law Attorney Lois Varughese provides insight on points, fines and hidden costs associated with a speeding ticket in NY.

Rosenblum Law provides insight about potential, points fines and defending your ticket in traffic court.

Rosenblum Law provide insight on fighting your New York cell phone traffic ticket. A cell phone ticket in NY is halfway to having your license suspended.