Top 20 Traffic Ticket Locations in NY

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At Rosenblum Law, we pioneered a groundbreaking and revolutionary way for you to see the most likely locations New York police officers issue traffic tickets. Based on detailed and reliable data regarding traffic tickets issued throughout the State of New York last year, we have determined which towns dole out the most tickets.

There is a direct correlation between the revenue raised from traffic tickets and the amount a town gives out. Essentially, the more revenue a town received, the higher the number of traffic tickets it issued.

As you can see, New York City issued the most traffic tickets in the entire state and raked in Southampton and Greenburgh. Additionally, most of the towns nearest to Canada ranked quite highly. This is largely due to the influx of out-of-state Canadian drivers who cross over the New York border to commute to work, tour America, and purchase inexpensive goods in the States.

The following is a chart of the top 20 towns that issue the most traffic tickets in New York.  How did your town fair? Check out our interactive map below:

CLICK HERE – Complete Ranking of The Top 20 Traffic Ticket Location in New York

1 NEW YORK CITY $16,071,511.95
2 TOWN OF SOUTHAMPTON $3,071,511.95
3 TOWN OF GREENBURGH $2,720,498.93
4 TOWN OF COLONIE $2,717,038.69
5 TOWN OF AMHERST $2,671,767.03
6 TOWN OF HARRISON $2,661,917.80
7 TOWN OF WALLKILL $2,652,805.15
8 TOWN OF EAST HAMPTON $2,599,615.80
9 VILLAGE OF HEMPSTEAD $2,569,089.00
10 VILLAGE OF PORT CHESTER $2,419,653.54
11 TOWN OF TONAWANDA $2,261,601.89
12 VILLAGE OF LYNBROOKL $2,047,435.00
13 TOWN OF POUGHKEEPSIE $1,941,327.48
14 TOWN OF CHEEKTOWAGA $1,918,037.04
15 VILLAGE OF FREEPORT $1,874,997.00
16 TOWN OF CLARKSTOWNL $1,845,996.95
18 TOWN OF GREECE $1,648,053.02
19 TOWN OF NEWBURGH $1,555,291.95

Remember, besides receiving a New York traffic ticket, speeding in New York can lead to dangerous accidents that could cost you much more than time and money. Make sure to carefully observe the rules of the road and to drive without distractions.

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If you or a loved one recently received a New York traffic ticket, contact Adam H. Rosenblum of Rosenblum Law. His team of experienced NY traffic ticket attorneys will fight for a reduction or dismissal of your ticket. Call him today at 888-883-5529.