Unsafe Lane Change

You take a quick glance, check your mirrors and change lanes. While moving into the next lane, you hear a long, loud honk. If a police officer deems that your lane change was not done safely then you may be issued a ticket for Unsafe Lane Change.

Understanding VTL 1128-a

NY VTL 1128(a) requires drivers to remain in one lane and changing from that lane is not permitted unless the driver ascertained that moving lanes could be completed safely. VTL 1128(b) directs that passing other vehicles or making a left turn from a center lane can only be done if executed in a safe manner. VTL 1128 (c) & (d) direct motorists to carefully obey signs and hazardous road markings and not cross these special lane markings.

New York’s unsafe lane change law sounds obvious but unsafe late changes are a primary cause of road accidents. Even a careful driver who checked his side and rear-view mirrors and begins moving into another lane can cause an accident because he failed to see the other car especially if the car is in his “blind spot.”

In New York, violation of VTL 1128(a) results in a fine and 3 points on
a person’s driving record.

Move Over Law and Unsafe Lane Change

New York’s unsafe lane change law has taken on increased significance with the expanded move over law now in effect. The Ambrose-Searles ‘Move Over Act’ requires drivers to exercise due care to avoid colliding with an authorized emergency, construction or other safety vehicle which is parked, stopped or standing on the shoulder of a road or highway with its emergency lights activated. VTL 1144-a requires motorists to change lanes in a multi-lane highway in order to make a safe distance for safety vehicles. The Move Over Law is also a 3-point violation.

In light of New York’s unsafe change law and move over law, drivers need to take special care before and during lane changes.

How To Avoid Getting a Ticket For Unsafe Lane Change

The best way to avoid being issued a ticket for violating NY unsafe lane change law is to:

  1. Look to make sure that there is enough space to change lanes.
  2. Signal.
  3. Look in all mirrors to make sure the lanes are clear.
  4. Check your blind spot.
  5. Move slowly to the next lane.

Careful adherence to these procedures will help avoid accidents and tickets which carry points and fines.

If you are unfortunate enough to receive a ticket for unsafe lane change or a violation of the move over law, you should contact a New York traffic ticket immediately. It is very likely that the ticket can be challenged so that you don’t get points and increased auto insurance premiums.

Unsafe Lane Change VTL 1128-a Lawyer

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