Speeding Ticket Frequently Asked Questions

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No one ever likes getting pulled over by police officers. We hate it even more when we get speeding tickets.However, with the right kind of help, you may not even need to go to court to fight your speeding ticket.

By hiring a New York speeding ticket lawyer, you will save yourself time, money, and aggravation. Instead of taking off from work, dealing with long lines, and getting unsatisfying results, you should hire an experienced traffic ticket attorney to deal with the matter for you.

Q: Why should I hire a New York speeding ticket lawyer?

A: We all ask the same question: “Do I really need to hire an attorney for this?”

You might think that speeding tickets are something you can handle on your own. After all, why pay for a job you can do yourself? More often than not, that road of reasoning leads to more horror stories than success stories.

Think about it: Most of us would not sew our own clothing even if we had a basic understanding of how to do so.

Why not? We might make a mistake that could ruin the entire garment. Also, even if we could sew it perfectly, it would take too much time out of our day and require far too much effort.

Likewise, even if you have been to traffic court before, it always pays to have a lawyer. Lawyers get treated differently than lay people: they can cut the line and go first. Additionally, prosecutors jump at the chance to cut deals with speeding ticket attorneys instead of facing them in court. This is because it takes less time and involves less risk.

Therefore, aside from the fact that you would not need to go in for the appearance, you would be saving yourself a tremendous amount of time and effort by hiring a NY speeding ticket lawyer.

Q: There are so many NY speeding ticket lawyers! How do I know who to choose?

A: At first glance, it might seem like a daunting task to pick out the right speeding ticket attorney. Who will best represent your interests? Who really is telling the truth?


The key here is looking to the attorney’s track record of success, relationship with the courthouse you need him to go to, and overall experience dealing with speeding tickets.

Furthermore, contrary to popular belief, a small firm is usually more helpful than a big firm.

At a large firm, you will often-times deal more with a secretary or paralegal than an attorney and feel like a mere file number. At a small firm, you almost certainly will be talking directly to your attorney and have a much more personal relationship.Big firms also tend to do things in a cookie cutter fashion, so make sure that you hire an attorney who can give your specific case the necessary attention it deserves.

What am I really getting when I hire a NY speeding ticket lawyer?

A: When you hire a speeding ticket lawyer you are getting a highly trained advocate who can best represent you. He has been trained to handle all kinds of curveballs that can come his way and to think on his feet.

Most importantly, when you hire a speeding ticket attorney you automatically increase your likelihood of avoiding points, suspensions, convictions, and car insurance hikes.

Put simply, you get results.