One-Way Roadways | VTL 1127

By: Adam H. Rosenblum Esq. | Last Updated:

one way signsThere’s an old joke where an old lady calls her husband on his cell phone while he is driving. “Harold – I just heard on the radio that somewhere near your location is a guy who is driving the wrong way on the highway!” Harold responds, “Sadie – it’s not just one driver that’s driving the wrong way – it’s all of them!!”

If you are driving through the streets of New York it’s a good idea to have an overall lay of the land.  New York City roadways for the most part are mapped out like a grid.    You have the avenues which are wider and allow for two way traffic generally running north and south from First Avenue to Eighth Avenue.  The streets for the most part are running east and west from 1st street counting up all the way up into the 200’s with traffic only allowed to go in one direction.  Helpful hint:  As a general rule the odd streets travel west and the even streets travel east.

You should always be observant about the roads and traffic signs driving through the City, especially which way traffic is flowing.  It can be a simple mistake but more often than not drivers end up taking a wrong turn somewhere in the city and end up driving in the wrong direction.   If you are caught driving in the wrong direction you are facing pretty serious fines and penalties.

Fines and Points for Going the Wrong Way Tickets in NYS

New York Vehicle and Traffic Law § 1127 outlines the rules of the road concerning one-way roadways and rotary traffic islands.  Outlined in § 1127 article (a) states that motorists entering ‘upon a roadway designated and signposted for one-way traffic a vehicle shall be driven only in the direction designated.’  Also  § 1127(b) states that  when you are driving up to a rotary traffic island ‘ A vehicle passing around a rotary traffic island shall be driven only to the right of such island unless otherwise indicated by traffic control devices.

If you drove the wrong way and were pulled over, a first offense means you are facing a $150 penalty a $93 surcharge and 3 points assessed against your license.  If you’re pulled over within 18 months of your first offense a second time the fine jumps up to $300 dollars and a third offense within 18 months is $450.  Since a violation obviously poses a serious danger to other motorists on the road, judges are authorized to impose jail sentences of up to 15 days (1st offense), 45 days (2nd offense) and 90 days (3rd offense).

A violation of driving the wrong way can also lead to a ticket for Reckless Driving in addition to, or in place of a ticket for VTL § 1127. The reason for this is when a police officer issues a criminal ticket or summons, he is not required to show up in court unless there is a trial. Since the vast majority of criminal cases are reduced down by a prosecutor, it saves the officers time from showing up in court.  The bad news is that Reckless Driving is a misdemeanor, a crime, and carries the possibility of jail time and a permanent criminal record.

Do I Need An Attorney?

It’s never pleasant getting pulled over by the cops for a traffic violation.  When you get a ticket you often have to show up in court and pay expensive fines and in addition you are facing points on your license.  What’s worse is that points on your license for any moving violation can have a negative impact on your insurance.

Hiring the right New York State traffic attorney will save you time, money and frustration.  A traffic law attorney is in the best position to defend you from getting points on your license, paying unnecessary fines and dealing with hikes in your insurance.

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