Failure to Respond To A Ticket in NY

Whenever you receive a New York traffic ticket, you must be sure to look at the back of it for detailed information explaining how to properly respond.

If you have Failed to respond to a New Jersey traffic ticket click here for more information.

Suspended License for Failure to Respond To A Ticket

If you fail to respond to the ticket within 60 days, your license will be suspended. This means you will have to go through tons of administrative hurdles in order to get it reinstated, and, until you do, you will not be allowed to drive.

A New York Suspended License Will Transfer To Other States

Also, do not think your license is safe simply because you are from New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or a state other than New York. This rule applies even if you are an out-of-state driver. Since New York has reciprocity with many other states, it will notify the state where you hold a driver’s license about any unresolved New York traffic tickets that you have. Then, the state where you are licensed will immediately suspend your driver’s license due to your failure to respond to the New York traffic ticket.

Remember, the State of New York is under no legal obligation to keep you updated about the status of your traffic tickets. Once the state gives you notice of your court date, it becomes your responsibility to stay informed and respond verbally, by appearing in court, or through regular mail if necessary.

You Must Enter a Plea To Constitute an Adequate Response

Imagine going through the trouble of appearing in court and waiting on that long line at the municipal courthouse to talk with the prosecutor. Finally, it is your turn. To your disappointment, he does not offer you a favorable deal despite your best argument. Disgusted, you walk out after waiting several hours, but you think talking to him at least should be enough to amount to a response. After all, you showed up and spoke with a prosecutor, right? Wrong.

It is important to realize that simply reaching out to the prosecutor is not sufficient to constitute an adequate response, even if you appear in court. You must at least enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. This means waiting the extra time for the judge to call your name and entering your plea on the record.

It is usually advisable to contact an attorney to at least explore your options. Chances are you will be able to have him negotiate a favorable plea on your behalf. However, if you choose not to challenge the ticket, paying it (either online or through the mail) usually constitutes a valid response. Be sure, however, to cover all of your bases and print out proof that you paid.

Again, make sure to use your best efforts to understand what the state is requiring of you. Sometimes, depending on the offense, you may be required to physically appear before a judge or clerk even if you are pleading guilty and want to pay the fine. In such a situation, paying online or through the mail will not count as a proper response.

What Should I Do?

However, if you find yourself in a situation where you already failed to respond to a New York traffic ticket and the state suspended your driving privileges, make sure to hire an experienced traffic court attorney who knows how to effectively defend your rights and liberties.