Child Seat Tickets in NY | VTL 1229-c

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child seat ticketNew York has rigorous traffic laws governing young children and making sure that they are safely secured in car seats. If you were issued a child seat ticket in NY, make sure to contact an experienced traffic ticket attorney who can help you avoid receiving demerit points, a costly insurance hike, or a suspension.

Rules for Young Children VTL 1229-c

NY VTL 1229-c requires all children who are under the age of 8 to be properly secured in a child restrain system while car seat traffic tickets in New York riding in a motor vehicle. An appropriate child safety restraint system must meet the size and weight requirements for your specific child.

Typically, any of the following are considered appropriate child safety systems:

  • Child Safety Seat
  • Harness
  • Vest or Booster Seat Attached With the Vehicle Seat Belt or Latch System

However, a regular seat belt on its own is not considered a child safety system.This means you can receive a NY traffic ticket if you secure your child in a regular seat belt.

Penalties for Violating VTL 1229-c

If you fail to properly secure your child in car seat, 3 points can be added onto your license, you could incur a steep fine, and your car insurance rate will almost certainly go up.

Be careful, if your child undoes the buckle and gets out, you can still be cited for violating VTL 1229-c. Likewise, simply having the car seat in the car is insufficient. The law requires your child to be secured and actually remain in the car seat. More often than not, individuals get cited for this offense on multiple occasions and usually in combination with other offenses.

For example, if a police officer pulls you over for speeding 15 miles over the posted speed limit and notices that your child is not sitting in a car seat, you will be facing two potential tickets. Essentially, 7 points could be added onto your license (4 for speeding 15 over and 3 for not having your child in a car seat)!

It is crucial to recognize that this amount of points will not only cause your insurance to go through the roof, but it will also put you very close to a suspension.

Therefore, make sure to contact an experienced NY traffic ticket attorney who can help you avoid all of the fallout associated with a child seat ticket.


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