CDL: Failure to Stop at Weigh Station Tickets in New York State

By: Adam H. Rosenblum Esq. | Last Updated:

New York State requires all vehicles with a GVWR of 10,000+ pounds to stop at designated inspection and weigh stations. There are 18 such weigh stations throughout the state. CDL holders who miss weigh stations can be pulled over by state troopers or other law enforcement officers and ticketed.

What Are the Penalties for Failing to Stop at a Weigh Station in New York?

weigh stationFines: New York State does not have a fixed fine for missing a weigh station; the amount is determined by the courts and can range between $50 and $300, according to New York State Police.

Points: A conviction means 2 points on one’s CDL. This is assuming the officer does not ticket the driver for other offenses (e.g. speeding, failure to obey traffic control device), which can often happen.  

Inspection: Officers who pull over a trucker or other CDL holder for missing a weigh station are more likely to conduct a roadside inspection.

Lost time: A CDL holder who is pulled over for not stopping at a weigh station could be ordered to turn around and go back to it. This can result is a lot of lost time. Even worse, a truck that might have otherwise been subject to a Level 6 inspection could be ordered to undergo a Level 1, which takes more time and is more likely to result in an out-of-service order.

Suspension: CDL holders who reach 11 points on their license can find their driving privileges in New York State suspended. Those whose license was issued outside NY will no longer be allowed to drive in the state (personal or CMV); those who are licensed by NY will not be able to drive at all!

Fleet SMS: Whenever a driver for a fleet is convicted of skipping a weigh station, is can affect the carrier’s (and driver’s) FMCSA’s Safety Measure System (SMS) score. The SMS is part of the CSA that measures the safety record of commercial motor carriers.

Where Are Weigh Stations in New York State?

NY has 18 weigh stations as indicated by the chart below:

Weigh Station Highway / Route Mile
Bath I 86 (Westbound) 147
Bedford Hills I 684 (Northbound) 25.5
Bedford Hills I 684 (Southbound) 15.5
Campbell I 86 (Eastbound) 160
Cannan Toll Booth I 90 (Westbound)
Clifton Park (Albany North) I 87 (Northbound) 14
Lake Katrine (Kingston) I 87 (Northbound) 99
Laphams Mills (Plattsburgh) I 87 (Northbound) 146
Ludingtonville I 84 (Eastbound) 55
Ludingtonville I 84 (Westbound) 55
Medford I 495 (Eastbound) 125.5
Medford I 495 (Westbound) 125.5
Middletown I 84 (Eastbound) 16
Mount Morris I 390 (Northbound) 38
Mount Morris I 390 (Southbound) 38
N. Hudson (Underwood) I 87 (Northbound) 99
Plainview I 495 (Eastbound) 77.3
Wallkill Inspection (Maybrook) I 84 (Westbound) 23.5

Defending Against a NY Missed Weigh Station Ticket

CDL holders are held to a higher standard than most other drivers. In addition, CDL holders rely entirely on their license to earn a living. As such, it is critical that a driver ticketed for failing to stop at a weigh station in New York State defend themselves against the charges. Exactly how to defeat a charge of skipping a weigh station will depend on the circumstances of the case. In many instances, it is possible to plea the ticket down to a no-point offense such as a parking ticket, which will not affect the CDL status or the fleet’s SMS score.

Common Questions 

Do I have to stop at every weigh station in New York?

All commercial vehicles with a GVWR of 10,000 pounds or more must stop at any open weigh station in NYS. Drivers or fleets that use a weigh station bypass system such as PrePass or Drivewyze may be allowed to skip the station; however, even with these services drivers will be expected to stop and get weighed periodically and failing to do so can result in a ticket.

Do I have to stop at a weigh station with a trailer or U-Haul?

No. Cars with loaded trailers or those drivers renting moving trucks are not required to stop at weigh stations in New York since they are not hauling commercial goods.

Can I stop at a weigh station in my car?

No. Weigh stations are not for personal vehicles and casual drivers should not pull into one or attempt to get their vehicle weighed.

Who Should I Contact About My NY Missed Weigh Station Ticket?

CDL holders should contact the attorneys of the Rosenblum Law right away for help with a missed weigh station or any other traffic ticket. Our lawyers have helped many truckers and commercial drivers mitigate or avoid the consequences of a traffic ticket in New York and New Jersey. Email or call 888-883-5529 for a free consultation about your case.