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Revoked Licenses For Repeat Alcohol And Drug Related Offenses

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June 11, 2021

It’s pretty clear by now that drunk driving kills people.  Most people who get their first DWI charge usually sober up real fast to the realities of drunk driving, the repercussions and the strict penalties.  For people that get multiple DWI convictions in New York, it becomes dangerously obvious that the person is not fit to be behind the wheel.  Every year about 300 people are killed on streets of New York due to an alcohol related car accident.   The statistic that is most shocking is that close to 1/3rd of those accidents that involve some type of injury involve a driver that has 3 previous alcohol related convictions.

Beginning last year, Governor Cuomo made it clear that he was on a mission to make sure that New York would be among the nation’s toughest states against drivers that have a history of alcohol and drug related traffic violations.  There are over 11 million licensed drivers in New York.  The Cuomo administration seeks to review bout 50,000 of the people currently in the state with a valid or suspended license that has three or more alcohol related convictions in their lifetime.  The Governor’s plan calls to have about 20,000 of those drivers off the road.

The State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has reviewed thousands of applicants looking to have their license reinstated after two alcohol or drug related driving offenses on their record.

It is said that over 1,500 of those applicants were permanently denied re-licensing because they have either five or more alcohol or drug related convictions in their lifetime or three or four alcohol or drug related driving convictions in the last 25 years, plus an additional serious driving offense during that period, like reckless driving, a fatal crash, or even a cell phone ticket (now 5 points).

Just last month Governor Cuomo announced that the change in law has kept over 3,000 potentially dangerous drivers off the road.  The Governor is not stopping there as he would like to implement tougher penalties for those charged with texting while driving.

If you have been charged with an alcohol related offense it is important that you realize that there are serious consequences to a bad driving record.  The law is cracking down and getting tougher on these types of offenses.  If you have been charged with an alcohol or drug related infraction, please call Rosenblum Law today for a free consultation.  We can help you fight the charges today!

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