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What Happens if My License Gets Suspended in Another State?

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September 16, 2021

We receive many calls from New York drivers wanting to know if their license can get suspended for receiving out-of-state traffic tickets. Similarly, we also get calls from out-of-state drivers receiving New York traffic tickets wanting to know if their home state will suspend their license.

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To save you the time and hassle, we have researched and compiled the most relevant information for you. Whether you just want to know what happens if your license gets suspended in another state or if it is possible for another state to suspend your driver’s license, this information should help clarify things for you.

Out-of-State Drivers


If you are an out-of-state driver (i.e. have a driver’s license from a state other than New York), and you commit a traffic violation or series of traffic violations in New York that would be significant enough to suspend a New York driver’s license, NY can take away your ability to drive in their state.

For example, if you are an out-of-state driver and plead guilty to or are convicted of traffic violations totaling 11 points or more, you will automatically lose the right to drive in New York. 11 points might seem like a lot, but if you plead guilty to or are convicted of driving 41 mph over the speed limit, you already earned 11 points!

Additionally, if you are convicted of driving 21 mph over the limit even just twice in a one year span, New York will take away your ability to drive there. In other words, your out-of-state license will not officially be suspended. However, you will not be allowed to drive in New York. If you choose to drive in NY anyway, you can get convicted of Aggravated Unlicensed Operation (AUO), a crime that you can go to jail for.

If you happen to commute to the city every day for work from New Jersey, Connecticut, or any other state, this punishment can put an end to your job.

Aside from being barred from driving in New York, depending on the offense you commit, your out-of-state driver’s license could be suspended entirely.

Committing serious offenses like vehicular crimes and other major traffic violations outside of your home state can lead to a suspended license. Remember, in this case, your entire license will be suspended, not merely your ability to drive in one state.

New York License Holders

If you are a New York license holder and get ticketed outside of New York, points will rarely be assessed against your license.

Remember, according to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, “The NYSDMV does not record out-of-state violations committed by NYS drivers in other jurisdictions. The exceptions are alcohol-related violations, drug-related violations, and moving violations committed in Quebec or Ontario.”

However, if the offense you commit is serious enough to cause a suspension in the state you are driving in, New York may very well suspend your license too.

What happens is (usually) as follows:

  • You get pulled over in another state for a vehicle and traffic violation like reckless driving and fleeing the scene of an accident, DUI/DWI, speeding 41 over, or some other serious traffic offense
  • Then, you receive a traffic ticket in that state for the offense
  • You either pled guilty or were convicted
  • That state suspended your driving privileges there
  • Now, that state petitions New York to suspend your license due to the severity of the offense or set of offenses
  • New York DMV decides whether to suspend your license or not

In such an instance, it really can go either way and there is no set rule. However, if the offense you committed involved personal injury or death coupled with really reckless activity, you can be fairly sure New York will suspend your license as well.

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