By: Adam H. Rosenblum Esq. | Last Updated:

How much does a ticket for driving on a suspended license in New York cost?
A: The fine that you will receive can range from $200-$500. Due to the seriousness of the crime, you could also face 30 days of jail time.

Will I have a criminal record if I get convicted of driving on a suspended license in New York?
A: Yes. This crime is much more serious than a simple traffic infraction, so it carries with it all of the negative implications of a regular criminal charge.

If I didn’t know that my license was suspended, how can I get a ticket for this? 
A: The law will presume that you in fact did know based on receiving a letter in the mail or due to the surrounding circumstances. Never think that ignorance will get you out of a conviction for this offense.

How do I know if my driver’s license was suspended?
A: Almost always, you will receive at least one written correspondence indicating that your NY driver’s license has been suspended. However, we all receive tons of mail each day. Sometimes our spouses or children rummage through it before we get a chance to. In other words, we may not even know that it was suspended. Accordingly, be very mindful of the mail you receive.

If I do not remember getting anything in the mail, how can I find out if it was suspended or not?
A: Aside from calling the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), there are a few tip offs. If you are driving without insurance, failed to pay child support, recently got a DWI, or accrued a substantial amount of points on your license within a short period of time (usually 11 within 18 months), then it is quite likely that your license was suspended already.

My license was suspended, but I really need to get to work, what should I do?
A: Whatever you choose to do, never drive while your license is suspended. The stakes are just too high. Join a carpool for work, get a friend or loved one to drive you, or take public transportation if necessary.

I already got a ticket for driving on a suspended license in NY. What should I do now? A: Contact Rosenblum Law via e-mail or at 888-883-5529. Their team of traffic attorneys will be able to help.