Police Expected to Step Up DWI Enforcement During Thanksgiving Weekend

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November 18, 2021
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New Yorkers are getting back to normal, and experts are expecting to see a massive uptick in both air and road travel around Thanksgiving week. Along with this, police are expecting the usual surge in drunk and impaired driving and will be stepping up enforcement accordingly. 

The annual Thanksgiving STOP-DWI initiative will run from Wednesday, Nov. 24 through Sunday, Nov. 28. During that time, police throughout the state will watch the roads in both marked and unmarked police vehicles. In addition to keeping an eye out for drunk drivers, police will be mindful of more common traffic violations, such as speeding, cell phone and texting violations, and seat belt violations.

Drivers should also expect to encounter DWI stops on many major and local roadways. 

November is one of the most common months for drivers to get traffic tickets in New York, usually due to the increased enforcement around Thanksgiving. Last year, despite the pandemic, police wrote 134,136 tickets to drivers in November, according to DMV data. This is 30% fewer tickets than in 2019—unsurprising given the COVID-induced drop in traffic last year. 

However, summonses in November DWI fell by just 25%, from 2,672 in 2019 to 2,001 in 2020. Unfortunately, November DWI accidents declined by just 8%, from 865 to 794, and fatal accidents more than doubled (from 17 to 36). 

The consequences of a DWI conviction in New York are severe, and include up to $2,500 in fines, up to one year in jail, and a possible license suspension! If you or someone you love has been charged with DWI/DUI or any other traffic violation as part of the Thanksgiving STOP-DWI initiative, contact an attorney right away for help. The experienced traffic ticket attorneys at Rosenblum Law have helped many drivers beat or reduce the consequences of their tickets. E-mail or call 888-883-5529 for a free consultation about your case.

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