Suffolk County Traffic and Parking Violations Authority Is Open For Business

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We reported previously that Suffolk County was changing the way they handle traffic violations beginning April 1, 2013.  As of this week, the new court is now in session and hearing traffic cases in Suffolk County. Prior to this date, the Suffolk County Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB) handled all non-criminal traffic violation matters. 

For anyone that has had the unfortunate experience of having their case heard by the TVB they know it was a very tough court and the chances of beating your ticket were slim. TVBs throughout New York do not allow for plea bargaining or requesting a reduction on the charges with the prosecutor on the case, so drivers are stuck paying heavy fines to the court with no relief or taking their tickets to trial which is often a losing proposition.

The new court is known as the Suffolk County Traffic and Parking Violations Authority and is located in Hauppauge, NY. The addition of this new court means that New York State is no longer in charge of operating the court and it has been turned over to Suffolk County. Before this new court was inaugurated all traffic violation revenue was sent directly to New York State.

Suffolk County Traffic & Parking Violations Agency
H. Lee Dennison Building, North Entrance
100 Veterans Memorial Highway
Hauppauge, NY 11788
(631) 853-3800

The good news for Suffolk County is that the majority of revenue generated through fines will go directly to the county rather than the state.  It is estimated that close to $11 million will be generated annually for Suffolk County under the new court system. The additional revenue is expected to help alleviate some of the town’s budget issues that have accumulated over recent years. The good news for drivers is that the new court will allow plea bargaining, unlike the old Suffolk County Traffic Violations Bureau. 

The new Suffolk County Traffic and Parking Violations Authority will cover all traffic ticket violations within the five western towns of Suffolk and will also include other non-criminal parking and traffic violations including parking summonses, red light camera tickets and other moving violations. Best of all, the new TPVA will allow plea bargains in most cases, so drivers with Suffolk County traffic tickets will finally be able to get relief and a skilled attorney can help with this process.

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This post was written by Adam H. Rosenblum Esq.

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