Texting While Driving

New Radar Detects Texting While Driving

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Police radar guns are used to detect speeding, but what if they could also sniff out texters?

A Virginia company is developing a radar gun that would do precisely that.

According to Malcolm McIntyre of ComSonics, the technology works by picking up on the radio frequencies that emit from a vehicle when someone inside is talking on a cellphone, texting while driving, or surfing the Internet with their electronic device

Apparently, cable repairmen use similar means to discover where a cable is damaged. They specifically look for frequencies leaking in a transmission.

Texting While Driving

New technology may soon give police the ability to use radar to determine if drivers are texting behind the wheel.
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Mr. McIntyre also revealed that a text message, phone call, and data transfer emit different frequencies that can be distinguished by the device ComSonics is working on.

That would prove particularly useful for law enforcement in states like Virginia, where texting behind the wheel is banned but talking on the phone is legal for adult drivers.

Mr. McIntyre recently discussed the company’s move into texting detection at the second annual Virginia Distracted Driving Summit.

He said the device is “close to production,” but still has a few hurdles to clear&mdashlegislative approval and adoption by law enforcement to name just two.

Additionally, even though Mr. McIntyre says the equipment cannot decrypt the information that is transmitted by drivers, privacy concerns still loom.

Although this texting detector is being piloted in Virginia, if successful, it could easily end up in New York and tons of other states.

Think about it: this would help alleviate the strain on an officer on patrol for texters.

Also, with New York constantly issuing cell phone (1225c) and electronic device tickets (1225d) during traffic ticket blitzes that seem to occur like clockwork, it seems quite likely that the device would be welcomed with open arms in NY.

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