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NY Driver License Suspended 18 Times and Still Driving

A deputy of the Erie County Sheriff’s Office was on a routine patrol in the Town of Holland, New York. ...

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Top 10 Albany NY Speeding Ticket Myths

Myth #1: Showing cleavage will persuade the officer to not issue a ticket In truth, this will not work (most...

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Should a Canadian Driver Fight a New York Speeding Ticket?

Like many Montreal residents, you decide to drive to Plattsburgh, New York to go shopping.  As you near the Plattsburgh...

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New Law for Reckless Drivers in New York

A Wrong-Way Driving Conviction May Lead to Stiffer Penalties It is night and you are driving down a dark one-way...

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New York Crossover Mirror Law To Be Enforced Beginning January 13

While New York City’s pedestrians see countless trucks rolling through the streets daily, the drivers of these trucks often find...

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How To Act When You Get Stopped For Speeding in New York State.

In cases where you're stopped for speeding, it's vital to cooperate with the police officer. Once you see the flashing lights in your rear view mirror, pull...

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Despite Efforts, Cell Phone and Texting Accidents Continue to Rise

Over the past decade, government, law enforcement, and corporate have poured efforts into preventing accidents from drivers using their cell...

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