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With an overall success rate of well over 90%, Rosenblum Law is the largest and highest customer-rated traffic violations law firm in both NY & NJ.

Whether you are looking for a New York City traffic ticket lawyer, or an attorney to handle your case upstate, our firm has helped thousands of clients get excellent results. Our attorneys pride themselves on working relentlessly to reach the best possible outcome.

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Stephanie Golden
Stephanie Golden
20:46 16 Nov 19
Had a rogue cop notice my out of state plates and proceed to give me two tickets, one for each minute I was in Manhattan! (I had mistakenly exited the GW Bridge and was going around the block to get back on.) The tickets were bogus and, although I am an attorney, I hired Rosenblum to handle the matter. End result: dismissal, no fines, no points. Well worth it. No one can afford six points on their record for having done nothing wrong. Job well done.read more
Tommy Crisostomo
Tommy Crisostomo
20:38 15 Nov 19
Back in May the traffic PD was on fishing expedition for tickets. When I received my electronics device ticket (which is their catch all ticket to give you the maximum in fine and points) all I was doing was making sure that my phone was charging. My license is clean with no accidents or moving violations in all of my years of driving. When I initially called them, I was walked through on the process and they broke down how they would would fight on my behalf. They were professional and communicative throughout the whole process.Rosenblum Law was able to get the charge dropped with no points or fines. They even did a follow up call to make sure that I was aware of the outcome. I was hesitant to use them at first but now I fully trust them.read more
Angelique DaSilva
Angelique DaSilva
05:10 15 Nov 19
My favorite bartender works there
Natalie Sherwood
Natalie Sherwood
22:47 14 Nov 19
My son received a ticket. I reached out to the law firm online and immediately received an appointment. Lindsay Bernstein was the attorney we worked with. She was prompt, efficient, courteous, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. I would definitely use this law firm in the future. I'm always excited when people are exceptional because most do the minimum to get by. Lindsay was exception. I'm also excited to have found the firm. Everything was settled in less than a month...might have been 2-3 weeks. Definitely worth the effort and saved me a lot of time.read more
Peter Ying
Peter Ying
19:37 14 Nov 19
Went on their very informative website, and decided to use them to fight a speeding ticket. Made an appointment on their interactive chat for next day, and due to an unfortunate error, they forgot to call. The next morning, Jobin Joseph email and called apologizing for the error and after a wonderful conversation where he explained everything I needed to make an inform choice, I selected their firm to represent me in the courts. They offered me a reduction of their regular fee and I just want to say Thank you so much! Hopefully my case will have a wonderful conclusionread more
Ralph Flores
Ralph Flores
06:39 13 Nov 19
Immediate response and action in handling my traffic violation. Phone conversations and website offered a clear description of what to expect in terms of potential fines, court processing, points, etc. Resolution was zero points on a four point speeding ticket. Only paid the fine for speeding. Very happy with the outcome knowing the strict and stiffness of New York State traffic violations.read more

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