Rosenblum Law Firm Reviews

Your choice in hiring a lawyer is about trust, and who to better trust than former clients that have actually used our services? We are top rated by our clients on several independent websites such as Facebook, Google, Yelp and Avvo. Take a moment to click on the links below and read what our clients have to say. Our results speak for themselves.

fb-angelaAngela Rodriguez
I got a speeding ticket upstate NY. I was doing 74mph in a 55 mph work zone. I’m so glad I contacted the Rosenblum firm. After I completed the 5 hours defensive driving course, my case was dismissed. No fine, no points. They are easy to be contacted by phone or email. I would recommend their services.

fb-ericEric Wang
The Rosenblum Law Firm is an expert with handling speeding tickets. I was on my way back to Canada and received a ticket for driving 65mph in a 45mph zone. After contacting the firm, the ticket was eventually reduced to a parking ticket! The fine was $125 with no demerit points. I am extremely pleased with the result and is very grateful to the firm for their assistance.

fb-chrisChris Germain
I was issued a speeding ticket for doing 64 in a 35mph zone in Amherst, NY. This ticket would’ve brought me up to over 6 points on my license since my first 2 points don’t expire until January. These guys really saved me, getting the ticket reduced to a 2 point traffic signal violation and only a $395 fine. This whole thing could’ve ended up being a lot worse, and I’m immensely grateful to Rosenblum Law Firm for all of their help. Would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of such services!

fb-jenJen Skovron
This firm is really amazing! I was pulled over in dead stopped traffic and looked at the traffic on my phone and got pulled over for using my cell phone while driving. I was not using my cell phone and was very upset by this. I called Adam and he took care of everything for me. Not only did I not have to do anything…but my case was completely dismissed! Thank you so much! If you need help…call them!

fb-mehrshadMehrshad Eshaghian
I wasn’t expecting that, really amazing work! Was pulled over for putting my phone away in traffic. Received a ticket for “Cell Phone/Texting” when I wasn’t doing so…Found the Rosenblum Law Firm after some research, called them up and they handled everything. Approximately one year later I received an email from the firm stating “…your ticket has been dismissed…no points and no fines…” Thank you so much! Call them, you’ll be glad you did…

fb-wolfgangWolfgang Freithof
This went smooth and professional from the beginning to the end. Had a speeding ticket reduced to a parking ticket with one call to TicketDefenseLaw. 0 Points vs. 4 Points was well worth the little time I spent on the phone with them. I highly recommend them.

fb-dellaDella Harris
I drive commercial and was pulled over by a NY State police officer. Needless to say, I received a ticket and a lecture. I called the law firm and I did nothing else. I am an out of state driver and was to appear in upstate NY court. The attorneys handle everything and appeared on my behalf. They had my ticket dismissed. I will be using them again if needed. 100% satisfied.

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