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NYPD to Track Drivers via License Plate Readers


The New York Police Department has been using license plate reader technology for over 5 years. They’ve recently entered into a contract with Vigilant Solutions that will give them access to Vigilant’s nationwide database. Vigilant’s system collects license plate data scanned by over 500 readers throughout New York City and...

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NY Laws For Drag Racers


Last month, Steven Rivera, a 25-year-old Ossining, New York resident was arrested for his participation in a fatal drag racing accident on June 26, 2011. Reportedly, Rivera and his friend Travis Clark were racing on Interstate 287 in Yonkers.  While reaching speeds over 100 mph, Clark lost control of his...

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Michelle and Jordan’s Law


Michelle and Jordan’s Law Stiffens the Penalties for High Speed Drag Racing The New York State Senate recently passed “Michelle and Jordan’s Law”, which is legislation to stiffen penalties for unlawful high-speed drag racing.  The legislation is in response to recent tragic automobile crashes involving suspected drag racing at high...

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