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Thousands of Canadians receive New York traffic tickets each year. Many drivers simply plead guilty to their tickets or worse yet avoid responding altogether, figuring that the points won’t follow them over the border. However, doing so can lead to serious consequences such as significant fines and demerit points which can lead to license suspension and increased auto insurance. Pleading guilty is easy to do, and many Canadians do it. Here are the reasons not to:


New York State Tickets Can Result in Demerit Points on Your Canadian Driving Record

Under a special agreement between New York and the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, a conviction for a violation of New York State traffic laws can result in demerit points on your Canadian license. Lose enough demerit points, and you will lose your driving privileges. Our attorneys can handle your case and negotiate a reduction in demerit points to protect your Canadian driver’s license and keep your record clean.


New York State Tickets Can Result in Increased Auto Insurance Rates in Canada

Chances are you already pay plenty for your Canadian auto insurance policy. Studies show that traffic tickets being listed on your driving record can increase your insurance rates – and the more serious the infraction, the more the rates can be increased. Hiring a licensed attorney to fight your ticket and get the infraction reduced will help you save significant sums of money on your auto insurance.


New York State Tickets Can Result in Significant Fines

Did you know that several categories of NYS speeding tickets carry not only significant fines of up to $693 but that New York State also tacks on something called a Driver Responsibility Assessment (DRA) which is an additional penalty of $300 for the first 6 points and $75 per point thereafter? Any person convicted of a points-carrying offense in New York State is subject to these penalties regardless of where they live. Hiring an experienced attorney at The Rosenblum Law firm can save you money by getting both the ticket fine and the DRA reduced or eliminated.


Only a Licensed New York State Attorney Can Represent You in Court and Save You the Trip

Most Canadians are accustomed to hiring a paralegal to handle their traffic ticket – some of them even charge more modest fees than an attorney would. However, under New York State law, the only person who can represent you in court – and in most cases save you from having to appear in person – is a licensed attorney. Why hire a Canadian paralegal who will flip your case to an attorney you will never meet when you can hire a New York attorney directly – and cut out the middle man? Our attorneys are knowledgeable and experienced, and will get you the best outcome possible. You don’t have to take our word for it – click here to read what people are saying about our firm.