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Two NY State Police Ticket Blitzes Start Today!


After a cold, snowy winter April has finally arrived and, as tourist season begins, the New York State Police have hit the road with several traffic ticket blitzes – including two starting today. Last week brought “Operation Hang Up,” a crackdown focusing on cell phone users and distracted driving which...

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NYPD Launches 2-Day Speeding Crackdown


Last week, the NYPD held a 2-day ticket blitz focusing on cellphone tickets, texting while driving, and failure to yield to pedestrians. That blitz led to over 5,200 summonses being handed out. This week, the NYPD will be holding a new 2-day blitz focusing specifically on speeding tickets in New...

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An Old New York Traffic Ticket May Return to Haunt You


New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) recently made it more difficult for New York traffic lawyers to negotiate reduced charges for clients. State officials announced earlier this month that the DMV will make additional details from old traffic tickets available to prosecutors considering plea bargains for new offenses. The...

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