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How to Perform a Basic Vehicle Safety Check


May 22 through May 29 is Vehicle Safety Week in New York. Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles are urging drivers to perform basic maintenance and safety checks on their vehicles before hitting the roads. If you’re not a car guy (or girl), you...

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NYC Drivers Deluged with Tickets from State Troopers


Drivers in NYC are getting hit from all sides. In addition to the NYPD’s increased enforcement of dangerous traffic violations, state troopers have also been dishing out thousands of traffic tickets throughout the city. In December 2016, Governor Cuomo deployed 150 state cops to patrol city highways, bridges, and tunnel...

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Rosenblum Law Firm Receives Avvo Client Choice Award


The Rosenblum Law Firm is proud to announce that we are the recipient of Avvo’s Client Choice Award for 2016. Avvo is a nationally recognized online law directory that offers law office profiles, attorney reviews, legal guides, and answers to frequently asked legal questions. The website, founded in 2007, strives...

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Can You Go to Jail for Running a Red Light?


Nearly every traffic violation carries potential fines and most accrue points on your license. What few people realize, though, is that even the smallest traffic violations, like running a red light, disobeying a stop sign, or failure to yield right of way, carry the potential for jail time. Each of...

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