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Thanksgiving DWI Crackdown to Begin Nov. 22


For many of us, the long Thanksgiving weekend means spending extra time with family, sharing memories, laughs, and sometimes a few drinks. If you do decide to have a few drinks this holiday, be sure to plan to be sober or have a designated driver before heading home. From Wednesday,...

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Drug DUID: The Downside of Lighting Up


New Jersey legislators have flirted with the idea of legalizing marijuana for years now. Those who favor legalization cite benefits such as increased revenue from pot sales and the ability of law enforcement to focus on more severe crimes. While legalization would decriminalize most marijuana-related offenses, it could, according to...

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DWI Crackdown Expected Through Labor Day Weekend


For many New Yorkers, Labor Day Weekend marks the final weekend before the start of a new school year. For state and local law enforcement officials, however, it means enhanced vigilance for drunk driving and other traffic violations. Starting Friday, Sept. 1 through Monday, Sept. 4, police will be increasing...

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How to Not Drive Drunk


The most common advice given to drivers who want to avoid a drunk driving charge is to simply not drive. This is reasonable, but a bit oversimplified. After all, once you start drinking your inhibitions go down, which makes you braver, and your judgement clouds, which makes you more likely...

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