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The Rule of Strict Liability in Traffic Court


In the criminal justice system, almost all crimes require both a “bad act” and a “guilty mind.” You might have heard the Latin terms for these—“actus reas” and “mens rea”—on Law & Order. However, in traffic court, the rule of strict liability applies instead. Under the rule of strict liability,...

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HOV Tickets In New York

In New York traffic laws are particularly rigorous and meant to deter any potential violators from attempting to break laws for any reason.   New York City’s very dense population makes any potential traffic situations many times more deadly than it would be in a state with a smaller population.  The...

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What is DMV Driver’s Abstract?


In the simplest terms a DMV driver abstract is a record of your driving history within the state. Most times this document is important for things like job applications, court cases and most of all for auto insurance purposes. From the moment you received your license (or, in some places in the United...

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