Getting a Warning Instead of a Traffic Ticket in New York and New Jersey

Author: Adam H. Rosenblum Esq. | Last Updated:

Getting-a-Warning-Instead-of-a-Traffic-Ticket-in-New-York-and-New-JerseyDrivers who are pulled over for a traffic infraction often hope to be let off with a warning rather than receive a ticket. Most warnings are issued verbally in New York and New Jersey, but some law enforcement agencies can choose give a written warning. New Jersey State Police are one such agency. A written warning will look somewhat similar to a ticket but there is no fine or other penalty associated with it. Here are some frequently asked question abouts written warnings that drivers in New York and New Jersey should know.

What’s the Difference Between a Written Warning and a Verbal Warning?

Aside from the literal difference, a written warning can be recorded in the law enforcement agency’s system and therefore could come up in the officer’s computer on a future traffic stop, whereas a verbal warning would not likely be recorded.

Does a Written Warning Go on Your Driving Record?

No. Written warnings are not sent the DMV and thus are not recorded on your license.

Will You Get Points on Your License for a Written Warning?

No. Since you have not been convicted a traffic violation, a written warning will not result in points on your license.

Does a Written Warning Affect Your Auto Insurance Rates?

No. Your auto insurance premiums are only affected by traffic violations that appear on your driving record. Since written warnings are not reported to the DMV, there is no chance it will affect your insurance rates.

Should You Fight a Written Warning Like You Would a Traffic Ticket?

There is no need to fight a written warning; it is not a ticket and there is no fine or other penalties associated with it.

What Should You Do When You Get a Written Warning?

Be more mindful in the future. An officer will use their discretion when deciding whether your violation deserves a ticket or just a warning. When an officer decides to let you off with a warning—even if it is a written warning—one of the reasons is to show leniency in the hopes you are more careful moving forward.

Does a Written Warning Increase Your Chances of Getting a Ticket in the Future?

It could. New Jersey State Troopers, for example, record details of the traffic stop on an internal system. These details are not shared with other law enforcement agencies or with the DMV. While NYPD will not see that you had been issued a written warning for speeding in NJ, another NJ trooper might take note of it. This could influence whether the officer chooses to issue a ticket versus another warning.

If you or someone you love has been given a ticket, rather than a warning, for a traffic violation in New York or New Jersey, contact an attorney right away to avoid the points, fines, and possible insurance increase that comes with a conviction. The lawyers of the Rosenblum Law are experienced traffic ticket attorneys with offices in New York and New Jersey. Email or call 888-203-2619 for a free consultation about your case.