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Failure to Stop for School Buses


Under Vehicle and Traffic Law 1174(a), drivers are required to stop for school buses that have their red lights flashing or their stop signs out and are picking up or discharging passengers. Failing to stop can have serious consequences, including 5 points on your license, up to a month in...

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Police Opinion Of Move Over Law


New York’s Move Over law (VTL 1144-a) requires drivers to slow down and move over for police cars, hazard vehicles, and any other emergency vehicles displaying amber lights. Since the law was enacted in 2011, it has been strongly enforced by police officers. We asked Trooper Travis Hall for his...

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Buzzed Drinking and Driving


Consider this scenario: You and your spouse go out to dinner. You’ve had only one glass of wine and you’re feeling fine, so you drive home. On the way, you get into a fender bender and the next thing you know, a police officer is administering a breathalyzer test and...

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Do PBA Cards Really Work?

“PBA” stands for the Police Benevolent Association and nearly every police officer in the United States is a member. Friends and family members of police officers are sometimes given a PBA Courtesy Card. A PBA card will usually have printed on it, “The bearer of this card is a supporter...

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Do I Need To Hire an Attorney


You’ve recently gotten a traffic ticket and now you are asking yourself this very question. When the police officer gave you the ticket, he explained what sounded like a simple process for answering this ticket. This “process” even allowed for you to respond by mail and it appears to eliminate...

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