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What To Do If You Get Stopped For DUI


Picture this scenario. You’re driving home from a restaurant after a long day at work. Suddenly, you see the flashing red and blue lights of a patrol car in your rear-view mirror. After being pulled over, the patrolling officer asks you whether you’ve been drinking. Every year, over a million...

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Guest Post: The DWI Trial Process


This is a guest blog post from our friend Mike Driver who is a DUI attorney in TX. If you are charged with DUI in NY or NJ make sure to contact us at 888-883-5529. Even if you consume just one alcoholic drink, your judgment can become impaired and you risk getting into...

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New York’s Open Container Law | VTL § 1227


What Is New York’s Open Container Law? Almost all throughout the United States, open container laws in general are made to prohibit drinking alcoholic beverages in either public places such as public parks or streets and semi-private areas such as automobiles.  Each open container law is enforced and regulated by...

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