New York STOP-DWI Crackdown in Effect for Independence Day Weekend

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stop dwiDrivers across New York can expect increased enforcement on the roadways over the 4th of July weekend. STOP-DWI New York will be working with local and state enforcement agencies to step up efforts from Friday, July 1 through Tuesday, July 5. While troopers will be focusing primarily on drunk or impaired driving, they will also target distracted driving, speeding, and other traffic law violations.

During the Memorial Day weekend crackdown, police throughout the state issued nearly 12,000 tickets to New York drivers, a number that may be surpassed over the next few days. Because July 4th falls on a long weekend, state officials are expecting heavier travel than usual. In addition, lower gas prices are making it more affordable for Americans to get away. As a result, AAA predicts this holiday weekend will have the fourth highest travel volume on record, with 36 million of Americans driving 50 miles or more. This represents a 1.2% increase in vehicle travel over last year and a similarly increased risk of harm from an impaired driver.

STOP-DWI crackdown weekends are designed to make the roads safer, but they also increase the risk of traffic tickets or other legal consequences. A drunk driving conviction can result in over $1,000 in fines, up to a year in prison, and mandatory installation of a $700 interlock device. In addition, under the 2009 Leandra’s Law, drivers convicted of DWI with one or more passengers under the age of 15 could face up to four years in prison.

If you or a loved one is pulled over as part of the STOP-DWI initiative, it is essential that you contact an attorney to argue your case. Adam H. Rosenblum of the Rosenblum Law is a skilled criminal defense and traffic attorney who will fight vigorously to have the charges reduced or removed. Call 888-203-2619 for a free consultation about your case today.

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