New York Ranked Safest State for Teen Drivers

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Financial advisory website WalletHub declared New York the “Best State for Teen Drivers” after analyzing data from government and private sources. The site measured each state on a variety of metrics including safety conditions, driving laws, and the economic impact of teen drivers. An earlier study by WalletHub ranked New York fourth for strictest DWI and reckless driving laws and those results were included in the analysis as well.

In the most recent study, New York was ranked fourth for least number of teens arrested for DWI. This is not surprising given that DWIs among teens in New York has been steadily declining for several years. The Empire State also came in fifth for most comprehensive driving laws. This includes the presence of vehicle occupant protection laws and distracted driving laws as well as red-light and speeding-camera laws.

Despite the good ranking, teens are still the highest risk drivers due to their lack of experience. According to the New York State Department of Health, most accidents involving teen drivers are caused by speeding, distracted driving, failing to yield, and following other vehicles too closely. Teens are also more likely to be involved in a fatal crash at night.

Kathy Bernstein, senior manager for Teen Driving Initiatives and the National Safety Council says parents should take more direct action to help reduce the risk of an accident. New York, like most states, requires 50 hours of driving education before getting a license, but Bernstein insists this is not enough.

“After your teen has a license, if you can spend 30 – or better yet, 60 – minutes every week in the car with them, riding as a passenger and helping them build skills, it will really help them gain that experience, help them become safer drivers, and help reduce their crash risk,” she said.

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