Woman’s License Suspended for Offense She Never Committed

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New York State has over 11 million licensed drivers and approximately 157,000 of them are from Niagara County. In a state where there are so many drivers, errors are bound to happen.

That is precisely what happened recently to one woman who was notified by the NY DMV that her license was going to be suspended for six months “due to an alcohol – or drug-related offense.”

Dumbfounded and afraid that she might end up getting arrested for driving on a suspended license, the woman immediately called the DMV.

She explained that there had to have been a mix up because she never actually committed a traffic violation.

She told the DMV (and news reporters later on) that she does not drink or use drugs while driving and never even received a New York traffic ticket.

Instead of helping, the DMV only made matters worse. It took away her license, charged her $87, and eventually issued her a restricted-use license (which only let her drive between work and home).

Nevertheless, the woman was convinced that she never was pulled over or received a ticket for the offense.

As such, she asked the clerk to check the state records in order to determine whether the system contained any record of a trial or conviction.

No such record existed.

After hearing the good news, the woman thought she would immediately be cleared.

However, that was not the case.

In order to get her name cleared, she was forced to pay $60 for an independent background check and contacted a local news organization with the story.

Once her story went public, the DMV changed its tune. The DMV noticed that someone made a data entry mistake. The woman’s identification number was incorrectly keyed into a records pipeline and that is what generated the suspension notice.

Remember, you should never have to suffer through something like this. It is downright degrading and a genuine hassle. If you are going through anything similar or recently received a traffic ticket, be sure to contact the NY traffic ticket attorneys at Rosenblum Law right away by calling 888-883-5529.


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