Woman Arrested for Stealing NYC Bus

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mta busA NYC bus was stolen last week by a passenger who did not wish to disembark. The M101 bus was traveling through the Upper East Side when the driver noticed a woman smoking. The driver asked that the cigarette be extinguished, but the woman refused and an argument ensued.

The bus pulled over at East 97th Street and Third Avenue so the passengers could transfer to another bus. During the switch, the woman – identified later as Charita Headley of the Bronx – commandeered the empty vehicle and continued to drive it uptown. She reached 100th Street before being blocked by another bus. A dispatcher reached through the window to disable the stolen M101 and Headley was taken into custody by NYPD officers.

The MTA later confirmed that Headley was a previous employee and therefore capable of driving a bus. She had been let go a few months prior following an extended period of absence. Later reports also indicate she told officials she was “being followed” and therefore did not want to get off the bus. Headley has since been admitted to Metropolitan Hospital for psychological evaluation. Formal charges against her are currently pending.

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