What To Do If You Get A Ticket While Visiting Florida

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Have you recently received a ticket while visiting Florida? You are certainly not the first person this has happened to! Whether on vacation or visiting on business, dealing with a traffic ticket in another state can quickly become a hassle.

Sure it may seem easiest to just pay the ticket and be done with the whole ordeal, but did you know that paying the ticket is also admitting guilt? That’s right; if you pay the ticket right away then you will also have points placed on your driving record. Knowing that, we always encourage people to get in touch with an experienced traffic attorney BEFORE they pay their ticket who will work to fight the ticket for you and limit the effect it has on your driving record.

If you are a New York resident that received a traffic ticket in Florida you should know what happens in Florida does not stay in Florida when it comes to traffic tickets. Here’s a look at the three main options you have when you receive a ticket while visiting Florida:

  • Don’t pay: Are you considering not paying your ticket under the assumption that it will not follow you home? You could not be more wrong! Though it may take a while, your insurance company and driver’s license administration will find out and punish you for your behavior. To put this in a scenario: if you receive a DUI conviction while enjoying spring break in Florida and end up with your license suspended, your license will also be suspended in your home state.
  • Pay: As we mentioned above, paying your Florida traffic ticket certainly comports with your civic obligation but it may have effects you did not initially realize. Paying your ticket puts points on your driving record, potentially increases your car insurance rates and may cost you more money than you needed to pay if you fought your ticket and got it lowered. In many scenarios, your car insurance cannot go up just because of one speeding ticket. That being said, car insurance companies can take away your “good driver” discount after one incident.
  • Fight It: Just because you got a ticket, does not mean that you are guilty of the charge. There are lots of defenses for most Florida traffic tickets. And we know them all. We will analyze your case from every angle. In many of our traffic ticket cases that we take on, we are able to reduce the fine and get the individual traffic school to avoid any points.

We know how stressful a traffic ticket is and how dealing with it from another state can become even more of a headache. Hiring an attorney can reduce this stress tremendously; they will make all the necessary appearances for you and work hard to get you the best results possible.

Author Bio: David Haenel of Finebloom & Haenel is a Traffic Ticket and DUI Defense Lawyer that fights for the rights of clients throughout Florida including Tampa, Orlando, and Sarasota.

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