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Traffic Ticket Plea Bargains Coming to Buffalo, NY?

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Listen up Buffalo drivers! New York State legislators recently approved a revolutionary proposal allowing for the plea bargaining of Buffalo traffic tickets.

Although traffic courts in the suburbs of NY already allow for plea bargaining, the city traffic courts (Traffic Violations Bureau courts) do not.

Buffalo, NY

Currently, if you receive a traffic ticket in Buffalo, NY, there is no plea bargaining–you can only be found guilty or not guilty. That may soon change.

This legislation is a game-changer. It would allow drivers who receive speeding tickets, cell phone tickets, or other traffic citations in Buffalo to accept a guilty plea to a less serious traffic offense (e.g. 0-point parking ticket, seatbelt ticket, etc.).

Common Councilman Demone Smith led the charge to allow for plea bargaining to come to Buffalo.

According to the Councilman, “You don’t get the chance to go to traffic school, if it is your first time. None of that makes a difference … and that is only in the City of Buffalo, and not the suburban municipalities.”

He further noted, “Buffalonians already pay the highest amount of insurance in the area, and so it is a ‘win-win’ for not only the residents, but also the city, because the city also has the opportunity now to keep home some of the dollars from the traffic infractions.”

Since the Buffalo traffic court is a TVB court, the revenue raised by traffic tickets all goes to the state. Consequently, if the Councilman’s measure gains further traction, the city could potentially boost its revenue by $3 million a year.

The measure looks like a huge win not only for drivers because they will finally be able to plea bargain, but also for the city because it will be able to keep the money it makes from traffic tickets.

Thus far, the bill has passed both the State Senate and State Assembly, but it will not go into effect until Governor Andrew Cuomo signs it into law. Until then, the only way to fight your Buffalo traffic ticket is in court. The experienced traffic attorneys at Rosenblum Law can help. For a free consultation call us at 888-883-5529.

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