Top 6 Reasons Why Your License May Be Suspended

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Why Is Your Driver’s License Suspended?

It is quite common for Rosenblum Law to receive a call from Joe Driver from New Jersey or Pennsylvania, who asks the following question: “I just got pulled over and they gave me a ticket for driving with a suspended license but I had no idea that I was suspended, how did that happen?”

Poor Joe who lives out of state forgot that he had old tickets in NY that he plum forgot about.  Time passed and New York suspended his driving privileges.  Since copies of his tickets are long gone, he now has to dig deep to find out the basis for his suspension.

Oddly enough, New York still has no statewide traffic system where one can go on the Internet and search for open tickets statewide (the exception to this is the Traffic Violations Bureaus of the 5 Boros of New York City, Rochester, and Buffalo).

Not only are Joe’s New York driving privileges suspended, but that suspension likely follows him to states all over the country including his home state.

Top 6 Reasons Why Your License May Be Suspended

When a driver calls and says he has no idea how his license was suspended, Rosenblum Law must do some research to figure out the basis for the suspension.  Some common bases for license suspension that can be successfully dealt with are:

1)       Old traffic tickets that have not been responded to

2)       Accrual of 11 points

3)       An auto insurance lapse

4)       A traffic ticket that was adjudicated but the fine was not paid

5)       Failure to supply DMV with requested documentation

6)       Failure to pay child support

Each of these bases provides its own unique challenge in terms of how to deal with them in order to reach the goal: restoration of the person’s driving privileges.

Driving License Compact Between Different States

The Drivers License Compact (DLC) is an alliance between 45 states to promote driver safety by requiring member states tell each other about convictions for traffic violations.  Ticket convictions are shared  and so are driver’s license suspensions which can be reciprocated by member states.

The cooperation among DLC states prevents a driver who accumulated convictions in one state to the point of suspension from moving to another state and obtaining a license there.

Under VTL 516, New York State is one of the 45 states participating in the DLC.

Rosenblum Law is staffed by experienced attorneys who will research the source of the suspension(s) and attempt to remove them.

Email or call Rosenblum Law now for your free consultation.  An attorney is prepared to field your questions and plan an appropriate course of action because they have what it takes to get the job done.




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