Are Speeding Cameras Coming To New York?

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UPDATE 4/4/13:

To Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s dismay, state lawmakers blocked the proposal that would have allowed speed-tracking cameras to issue speeding tickets in New York.  Mayor Bloomberg strongly advocated for speed cameras in New York City, especially near public schools to help enforce traffic laws and deter drivers from speeding in the busy city.  In 2012, there were 274 deaths in New York City alone due to traffic accidents, many of which involved speeding.  Opponents to the proposal argued that the speed cameras are an unreliable technology and have not proven to effectively reduce speeding.  These individuals also argue that speeding is an issue that is best enforced by police officers and not cameras.


Truvelo speed camera on UK dual carriageway
Technological innovation isn’t just impacting the smartphones we use or the data we draw upon to check our emails and other information, but is also revolutionizing law enforcement. The most obvious – and perhaps most hated – example of this is the speeding camera, a high-speed camera implemented on roads, intersections and other places in transportation systems that can rapidly take photos of individuals driving too quickly or violating state or local transportation laws. No matter how fast the car, the camera can within fractions of a second capture the offending driver and his or her license plate.

After the camera captures the license plate number a traffic ticket will be sent directly to their home, often with photos of the violation in question. If the offender still doubts the police version of the events, the more sophisticated systems will even include a link to video of the incident. A person can usually appeal this if they feel a mistake is made, but the high-level of quality technology makes it almost impossible to appeal or contest that the offense did in fact happen.

New York’s Mayor, Michael Bloomberg strongly supports speeding cameras.  With many police departments facing budgetary cutbacks, these high-tech cameras offer a quick and very low-maintenance way of collecting thousands or even millions in revenue. Instead of sending a fleet of salaried officers with better things to do with their time out on the streets and highways to capture traffic offenders, automated high speed cameras do nearly all the work.

State and local governments are backing the use of these new cameras and believe that it’s a great way to ensure safety on the road while generating revenue for the state.  It also has the added benefit of making sure officers are used for more serious matters which they can pay attention to.

In the State of New York, proposals have already been made to increase the surcharge on traffic tickets and the fees for frequent violators of the law prohibiting cell-phone use while driving. Along with the use of better technology it seems there is a number of reasons why these proposals should succeed.  For New York State drivers this means that there are many more way of being caught breaking the rules of the road.

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